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Timing Belt Replacing of CRDI Engine

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Timing-it's gas distribution mechanism, timing belt-one of the most important parts of it, and it can not work without the motor (unless, of course, the engine design involves the use of timing belt).

Gas distribution mechanism-a system for those items that provide input at the right time of gases in the cylinder, closing all valves for converting combustion energy into mechanical and gas output-products of combustion.

The engine CRDI D3EA timing camshaft and crankshaft are carried out through the gears and belt. Camshaft gear has teeth twice than crankshaft. That is a half-turn cam has a crankshaft revolution.

It is necessary to change the timing belt at the time, declared by the manufacturer, or earlier, as the failure of a timing mechanism in the turbo diesel will lead to the meeting of valves and pistons. Although it is possible that the camshaft will rise to a position where all the valves are closed and then nothing bad will happen, just need to put the new belt detail, but this is very unlikely and hope it's not worth it. So, the reality that, at best, only has a broken arm, may make small burrs on the edges of the contact surfaces of the camshaft, at worst-can crack pistons.

To make this all happen will not change the belt and rollers on time.

get to the details of timing

It is desirable to have a garage with a pit, but can do without the pit. We put the machine to parse, unscrew the wheel all the way to the right, the better to Podlazov to the motor on the right (facing the machine). And you can just remove the right wheel. Cnimaem plastic dust cover, unscrew the cover belt, he is on the four bolts holding on.

Out of the top casing Belt
Out of the top casing Belt

Then unscrew the bolts that hold the washer tank, disable the motor connector and remove the tank.

It was very simple, but now we have seen the part that closes access to the bypass and the tension roller-side engine mount (21670-27500). We need to remove it. To do this you first need to loosen the front engine mount (21840-1C400), connecting this pad holder with the engine (21810-1C400).

nuts and bolts that hold the engine to the pillow. View from above
nuts and bolts, holding the motor on the pillow. Side view of the interior

Blue circled fasteners connecting piece to the engine, green-a nut that secures this item to the pillow.

Since the engine is hanging on the whole structure, before loosening, in order to avoid damage to parts, you need to enclose anything under the engine, such as a wooden plank to unload the reference node. To do this, lift the car jack under the engine and puts a required number of boards. But do not lower the jack completely, otherwise the body will "hang" on the engine via the support site, you need to have fallen to a certain level, you can pick up on the force needed to unscrew the bolts (in this case, one bolt). When something for something "hanging" bolts are very tight. When the body and the engine, rely on their support (jack and boards, respectively), the node is not strained and bolts unscrewed easily.

Shema suspension parts dvigatelya
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