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What Have to Know at Selling a Flat

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Today many people are concerned about the following question: how can the most profitable to sell the apartment for a short time? After all, everyone knows that the sale process can take a very long period, and in addition, there is always a chance that you can make a bad bargain. What to consider and what you need to know the nuances of those who are going to sell your property?

Search real estate

First, you need to find a reliable real estate agencies, to provide integrated services. The organization must provide the client with a scheme payment for their services and be responsible in the event of a default. It is also desirable that the agency had a good life. When making a choice, you should pay attention to the existence of branches of the agency and on what terms the obligations specified in the contract concluded. Keep in mind one of the most important rules: do not conclude an agreement with the agency, not recognizing pre-order its dissolution.

Selling flat


Everyone knows that in the print media published a huge number of different ads. If you decide how you will be better to sell your apartment, you should not rely particularly on the effectiveness of such advertising is indirectly evidenced by the statistics on the conclusion of transactions.

Still, if you decide to place your ad in the newspaper to sell, keep in mind the following points: the first thing a potential buyer is looking at the proposals, which states that the dwelling apartments actually and legally free, in other words, no one in her home and write down all the tenants.

Another important detail is the so-called "pure" real estate. This means that the seller is not going to buy another house and needed only money from the sale. On the ads, which indicate that the sale of "clean", turning more often.

Prepare apartments

In choosing an apartment, the first thing a buyer looks at her appearance. Of course, you do not have to do expensive repair , anyhow new owners change all their own way and spend their repair. But you must at least put it in order, to make small cosmetic repairs and remove all of the most glaring weaknesses. In the event that the buyer would think that the apartment needed a serious overhaul, it will make its choice in favor of other less troublesome option. Therefore, it is useful to think about how to possibly remove all visible flaws. But may be different alignment, where the buyer is primarily concerned about the price, and he realizes that he is in price included the cost of where you've repair. So after all the repair or not?

You can answer this question in the following way: the customer who seeks housing upper class, hoping to find an apartment, fully habitable. In this case, repair must meet certain requirements, and your cost of expensive repair will be completely justified. Then you can not hesitate to do it and give the apartment in a decent appearance.

As for economy-class housing, everything is exactly the opposite. The buyer, knowing that the monetary cost of repairs are included in price of the apartment, not light like spending twice for repairs, since the new owners will want to upgrade the apartment and make repairs on its own.

These tips are recommended by professionals, so consider them in preparation for an apartment for sale.

Impression of the apartment, the buyer will develop not only on the basis of the appearance of the apartment, but also by the way in which the condition of the staircase and elevator. Please note that the buyer chooses housing, not only for reasons of appearance of the apartment and its location. Special attention is paid to the little things, like having a convenient place to park the car and other such nuances. It would therefore be out of place to support access to clean and make sure that the walls were stained and izrisovany and staircases were lit.

How to conduct a correct estimate of the apartment

If the first client will want to buy your apartment, then think about whether you did not appreciate their living space is too low and wait a little while with the sale. If the value of your apartment is set correctly, then the buyer will be announced in a few weeks. While you wait for the onset of this time, proceed to the timely preparation of all necessary documents.

By the way, experts in real estate believe that a well-formulated price for an apartment free of unnecessary problems in such stages as advertising, demonstration and real estate auction. Can arbitrarily advertise apartment, accompanied by advertising an album of photos, but the buyer will only appear if the property has an adequate price.

The price should be a market, that is, to satisfy the interests of both the buyer and seller. If you overestimate the cost and try to sell the apartment for 10 per cent more than the market price, the interest of potential buyers quickly exhausted. And you'll have to lower the price as long as it does not become a knockdown. About to sell an apartment is expensive, will not be out of the question. The buyer may seem strange that the apartment is on the market for over a month and think that it is something wrong. And to you, this situation is, of course, is not necessary.

Thinking in this way, everyone happily sell their apartment to try to establish its real value. This can be achieved in two different ways. You can calculate the cost of their own, than you can help email or print media. The second way is a professional and entails the assistance of trained professionals, professionally engaged in real estate valuation.

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