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Gas Heater Install

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

First you need to prepare the site for installation of water heater. In my case, you must remove the old heater. The reason for replacement: light always goes out, tired of running to kindle it.

Removing the old water heater

The hardest thing in removing the old water heater — is unscrew the gas pipe, of course, if it is not connected modern gas hose, and connected with steel pipes that connect round sockets without faces, fixed nut, and even painted on top of it all. is very important not to break when removing the tube in place of welding, which is above the gas valve.

Turn off the pipe, inlet gas

Overlapping gas tap, better not forget that. Make it easier to twist off the paint can be removed with solvent or mechanical. Or use both methods at a time. Then unscrew the locking nut holding the gas pipe wrench. When the nut is unscrewed, we need to twist the sleeve in the direction where there is a stock of thread. Coupling round, its steep pipe wrench and a pipe, if necessary, keep other gas key. This is the Soviet plumbing.

The pipe, the feed gas off

Unscrewed gas pipeline, chimney pipe is disconnected, unscrew hoses and cold tap hot water, again, not forgetting to block the water . Well now you can remove the heaterfrom the hinges and remove, leaving dirty zakolonochnuyu wall.

The old geyser successfully removed

Preparing the new gas heater

Check whether the fit hooks on which hung the old heater to the new one. If appropriate, on the washed wall hang a new heater and see how long we will need the connection pipes for hot and cold water. And also find out the required length of the gas hose. If the attachment is not suitable or does not, then you may choose any you liked the location and use stops. Tile can drill Drills with a special drill for tile without including impact conditions not to break the tiles. To drive plugs into the holes that are included in them and screw the hooks, which also are included.

Now examine the connections, where better to record what fittings (internal or external thread size 1/2 "or 3/4 inch). Go to the store, select the pipe for water necessary to us with the desired length of the fasteners, if you can not find the right hardware select fasteners with a minimum number of adapters. Although if you have the time and patience it is better to choose the necessary tubing to minimize the number of connections. Gas hose sold with standard fasteners (nut 1/2 "on one side and the external thread 1/2" on the other ), but of different lengths, from just under a meter to two meters and more. A new heater to the gas input has an external thread 3/4 ", so I had to take such a coupling 1/2" -3 / 4 ":

Coupling 1/2-3/4

Before attaching the hose to the gas supply tube must make sure that the pipe smooth, so we will be using paranitovuyu gasket. If the edges of the rough end of the pipe, then take the file and leveled them, and then you can modify fine sandpaper to smooth it completely.

It was easier to remove the heater, turn over and attach to it the gas hose and hose.

Connecting the gas hose to the heater
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