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Suspended Ceiling in Bathroom

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Tools required: hammer, hammer, screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer, saw, level, tape measure, skobozabivochny gun, knife, drill wood, drill for concrete and wood, sealant gun, miter box.

Materials: wooden bar 5x4, metal hanger, HAMMER, screws, PVC panels, brackets, silicone white spotlight tape.

bathroom ceiling

Sequence of work:

  1. Cut a few wooden bars on the same size, for the resettlement framework of the future ceiling. On one brusku fastened to the opposite wall, with a few set in between, at the rate of sixty to eighty centimeters between them. Note the binding of all bars on the same level. Immediately set the extreme, and then it kicks out intermediate.
  2. The end can be attached to the side wall with dowels. Mean bars set with hangers. If you plan to install spotlights, you should omit the ceiling at their height.
  3. Connect the wiring to wire lights and exhaust fan. Pay attention to a good mix of contacts and isolation.
  4. Cut the PVC eaves on all four sides and with the miter box correctly zapilivaem necessary angles. For easy installation, the profile to the bar use a stapler.
  5. Prepare the panel size. You can install them without attachment. It will be easier and clearer to identify places where lamps. Obey the symmetry points mounting fixtures.
  6. Remove the necessary panels. With the punch (drilling mode) and the required diameter bits, drill a hole in the panel for installation of fixtures.
  7. Mount the panel. In areas adjoining bar to the bar were shot her staples into the groove. For easy installation, the panel must bend in the middle and insert the ends of the profile. If necessary, trim the width of the last panel. (It is better to begin installation of the wall opposite the entrance to trim panel above the door and was not visible.)
  8. In the drill holes insert lamps.
  9. We now need a gun for sealants and white, it is desirable for sanitary, silicone. We pass all the joints carefully with silicone. You can remove the excess with a cloth.

Check everything again and call the family on acceptance.

bathroom ceiling

bathroom ceiling

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