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After buying the apartment, the owner thinks about the repair and equipping the home to your taste. And here in the first place, we must correctly plan repairs, so he passed quickly and cost-effectively.

Repair is needed as in the case of buying an apartment in the secondary market, and when buying a new building. In the first case, the need for repairs by a desire to get rid of what is left of the former owners and decorate the home to suit your taste, habits and preferences. In the second case, the repair of the apartment is sorely needed - without a home just is not suitable for normal living.

In order to assess their capabilities and to repair the most effective, you need to plan repairs. His absence could result in not only small errors, but also a significant increase in the time and labor costs. To avoid this, pre-plan the basic steps and due.

How to plan repairs?

Let's look at the main stages of repair in order of priority of the work.

Stage 1: the «dirty» work

First we need to spend the most dirty work. This includes the removal of old coatings, cleaning dirt and dust, blur surfaces, removal of debris. After spending this work, you clean the premises of the old finish and useless things, as well as prepare them for future repairs. If necessary, at this stage, the replacement of windows and doors.

Stage 2: leveling floor

At this stage, floor screed and its alignment. In addition to gender equalization are also subject to the ceiling and walls. In virtually all Russian apartments have surface irregularities and defects that need to be corrected. To save time, you can use a dry screed or fast setting screed. If time permits, we will approach the cement-concrete screed.

Step 3: wiring and piping

The next type of work - distributing heating, water pipes and electrical wiring. This step is extremely important because the quality of the construction of communications will depend on the comfort and safety of the home. Conducting engineering networks at this stage of work allows you to completely hide unwanted wires from view.

Stage 4: rough finish

This is the stage of finish, during which the plastering ceilings, walls and preparation of surfaces for finishing as well as possible Insulation apartment or repairing windows and doors . After the Putty the surface of the soil and rubbing, communication, hiding in a specially prepared holes and niches, as well as falshstenami.

Round 5: finishing time

Finishing. This completes the repairs. Held finishing ceilings and walls - painting, wallpapering, tiling . Also carried out installation of decorative elements.

Conducting repairs in stages, in accordance with the submitted order, you can save time, money, and labor costs. But the efforts will have the expected result!

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