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Briefly About Repair of all «Parts» of Apartment

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Planning repair

To get started, you need to plan their actions. Where will you do the repair, what materials and tools you will use. Then make a rough estimate, that is to plan out your expenses.

preparatory stage repair

Start the repair with the "dirty" work. At this stage, remove old wallpaper peeling paint, plaster and tile obbivayut.

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Once you've spent a preparatory stage, get the wiring and installation of new outlets and switches. It should be remembered that the wires are strictly on the horizontal and vertical lines. Do you need so that the wires do not touch each other and with metal surfaces. The connections should be in the boxes.

Repair toilets and bathroom

Start by removing walls. Then replace the sewer pipe and stand pipes. After that, proceed to the plastering and priming the walls and ceiling. The next step for you will be the alignment of gender, for example, cement screed. After stacked tiles and installed plumbing.

Kitchen Renovations

After proceed to the repair the kitchen . Here, you should still contact the experts, if you decide to change the gas pipe and the column. Otherwise the initiative in this matter could lead to dire consequences, however, if you own an expert or well versed in the matter, you can connect yourself and gas hose. Determine for yourself where you will be in a stove, sink, appliances and furniture. The furniture in the kitchen you should pick up before the repair. Old furniture, a gas stove and appliances need to be dismantled. Then, a window replacement. To avoid damage to the new window, protect with polyethylene.

Next plastered walls and floors are prepared. Time-consuming process will be for you leveling surfaces and removing the corners. The final stage is lined ceiling and finishing. Here, start with finishing the ceiling, then the walls.

Decorating walls can be done in different ways. At your discretion you can paste over the wall wallpaper (regular, washable, paintable), lay ceramic tile or install wall panels.

Upon completion of the previous stage is set extractor. If the wall close to the equipment not vent, you need to spend a duct to the hood.

After proceed to the installation of flooring. You can choose laminate, ceramic tile or linoleum. If you plan to make a "warm floor", then as a better use of the tile covering. But for any variant of coating floors aligned.

Place the door frame and mount the plinth. Do not install doors until the completion of the repair and installation of furniture.

Repair and decoration of living rooms

After preparatory work (plastering, putty , leveling floors and walls) You will have to do finishing work.

Begin, usually with ceiling . Today the popular suspended ceilings that hide flaws and all communications. In addition, they have good sound insulation. Stretch ceilings pull on a baguette (wood or metal) and secured the perimeter of the room. Tile ceilings are easy to install. To create a multi-level ceiling drywall is used.

Please wall to prepare , and after finish can be blocked by different technologies. It all depends on your imagination. When wallpapering you will need to calculate the number of rolls and buy glue that matches the type of wallpaper. To calculate the length of the web, you need a few parts of the room measure the height of the walls. If you want to fit the drawing, then start it on the top. Wallpaper paste over the wall from the window. The room can be wiped off.

If your walls are smooth, we can apply the paint. You can select the wallpaper and painted. Then, any time you can change the color of the walls without changing wallpaper. You can apply a decorative plaster. This will allow you the option of establishing a relief wall. When you are done, and the drapery fabric walls.

Then proceed to the floor covering. If you are going to stack wood floor , then do it desirable in winter. Boards are placed on special joists. When laying the boards do not allow large gaps. First you need to fit the board, and then start the installation.

A popular floor covering for now is laminate. It must be remembered that the room should not be wet. To start stele plastic wrap and fasten it shut. Or use a special substrate under the laminate. Laminate plank from the window. The first row is placed in the left corner of the room. Last laminated board will be the beginning of the second row.

If you are using linoleum flooring, you should prepare it. He has to lie in the unfolded state day to smooth out. Then linoleum lined the perimeter of the room and its remnants are cut off. The web is then attached. If you have got two pictures of linoleum, then glue it must be perpendicular to the window. Along the edges of the wall, leave a gap of 2 cm is made for shrinkage of linoleum.

Rounding out the repair laying baseboards and door installation. Route the cables under the plinth. Then install the furniture.

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