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Wall Preparation

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In order to decide on the most renovated apartment you should first decide. You also need to have the free time and a great desire to change something in a series monotony of everyday life, you have to be willing to resolutely put an end to the old bored with the interior of their homes.

Gotovim remontu

If you have a mood prevails, and you are sure that you are ripe for a change, you are ready. But not to repair, and to prepare for the repair flat. It is with it all begins. At this stage, do not need any special construction skills. Let's start with the walls, or rather, to prepare them for finishing.

First ruthlessly remove old paint from the ceiling and walls. Many were surprised to notice how many different cracks formed from the moment when you have redecorated the apartment for the last time. Partly plaster pieces fly off, and it is not the result of your negligent actions, apparently it was a weak point and must be strengthened.

In places where the departed plaster layer, strengthen it not worth it. It must also be manually remove with a spatula to a solid layer. Narrow spatula clearing the cracks and potholes. All that is poorly kept, you need to delete and re-putty.

Putty should not immediately, but after impregnation with a mixture of ground surface or just a primer. This step ensures that the repair of the apartment will be made qualitatively. Having penetrated into the surface of the plaster, the polymer solution will strengthen its compactor. Then, a layer of putty repair harder grappled with the old layer. By the way, despite the wide range of primers, they are all designed for one purpose - to strengthen the surface. But if you choose the solution suddenly deep penetration, you can not go wrong.

There are also many fillers for sealing cracks. Places where the plaster was no longer pieces, and formed where large potholes, you can plug the cement-lime mortar or gypsum-based solution. All ready-mix suitable for this purpose. You will need a flat spatula, which is applied to the solution, and a steel trowel. Sets out the next apartment renovation, you certainly will have to pre-purchase all the necessary tools.

It is necessary that the repaired surface night could dry after it has dried, it must again be primed. At this preliminary stage is completed, and the repair is entering its final phase. At this point, you must use the finish plaster. She finally aligns the renovated space and makes the surface perfectly smooth. If you have enough experience, and you are ready to continue to repair the apartment yourself, go ahead. If you are in doubt about their abilities, at this point, you can refer to specialists. In the end, the first time completion most difficult to master.

Sometimes it is that after the recent repair of an apartment, the walls in some places give a crack. This is usually the places where there were deep cracks. To prevent this effect, use special fiberglass mesh. They are pressed into the plaster cracks on the spot, so that the plaster made through the cells, then spread with a putty spatula and the excess removed. This reinforcement will prevent cracks in the wall of this place.

If the repair is completed apartments pasting wallpaper, it must be remembered that all the repaired areas may tread a thin paper. So before mounting your need to putty the entire surface. To do so would be at least another 2 times to process the wall primer.

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