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Apartment Soundproof

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Sooner or later, but before every urban dweller question about soundproofing apartments. Every day, at any time we hear the noise of cars, slamming doors, screaming neighbors - well, and on the weekend when you want to sleep, peaceful sleep gives our running drill. Finally, there comes a time when you want to take everything off and that at least a few minutes to enjoy the silence. But where to find this magic switch?

High-quality soundproofing apartments - that out of this situation, it is able to reduce the background noise and discomfort from them.

Noises are structural and airy. Structural noise - is the result of mechanical impact on certain materials. These include: the noise of the falling objects, knocks, loved by all drilling. Of this noise can be removed only by using the full soundproofing apartments. Shumoizolyatsiya

By air noise include: dogs barking, people screaming, etc. To get rid of the noise of the air will be enough to soundproof the ceiling and walls.

Soundproofing apartment is achieved by eliminating all gaps and increasing the thickness of the material (walls, ceiling, floor apartments). The thicker the wall, the better the sound insulation of the apartment.

For noise absorption use special sandwich structures, which combine different types of building materials. For example: hard materials - enhance sound insulation and soft - absorb noise. It is a symbiosis of these materials and is able to protect you from the noise.

One should also know what kind of soundproofing the apartment you want. For example, in a room with a home theater system you need to prevent sound leakage to other rooms, but in the bedroom opposite soundproofing to block the passage of sound.

When soundproofing apartments attention should be paid not only to the walls and ceilings, and doors. Excellent job with the design of the noise revolving doors where one door serves a decorative function, and the other defensive.

For soundproofing floor using special sound insulating substrate, which is placed under the floor.

For soundproofing ceilings perfect tension or ceiling with a lining of sound attenuation structure.

Soundproofing an apartment - the process costly, but decisive. The most important thing in the apartment - it's comfort, it depends on him our psychological condition and overall health. Therefore, go to the question soundproofing apartments seriously.

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