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Drawer Soft Close

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Closer boxes theory

There are lots of kitchen drawers that are pushed almost silently and gently. No matter how you tried to slam them. This helps them closer, which picks up the box just before the end of the road, slow it, if it goes quickly and smoothly pushes through.

The modern furniture such devices are installed initially, and not the newest of them can not be, but they can be put, which we discuss in this article. Buy closers sliding drawers can be in some stores or on foreign websites.

These coils are made up of two parts. One is attached to the box itself, the other on a fixed wall near the box. In operation, when you slide the drawer one part clings to the other and brings it, and when you open the parts are disconnected.

installation process

Will be put on the most ordinary kitchen drawer that slides on wheels on rails.

Obychny yaschik

Pull out drawer and put on a stool or something like one of the sides up. same side on which the plan put closer.

Pravy yaschika
Pravy yaschika

So he looks closer to the holding fixture, for convenience we will call a small part of the "tseplyalkoy."

The main unit closer to the

Try on another and fix the long part on the box.

In this case, the entire side wall of metal, so I had to break it to screw the screws into it.

It is planned to place the holes. You can use a special punch, but you can just knock on the self-tapping screws. As it turned out, the last option is not worse. Hammering a screw with a hammer on a couple of millimeters, then we twist the screwdriver.

In a box pierced with holes for the screws

Clings to put their part put on the box itself, and the little "tseplyalku" on the wall. So just easier to fix. But in principle it does not matter what part of which will stand.

Osnovnaya part zakreplena

Fastened to the main part of the box. Insert the drawer into place.

 The box with the main part of the terminal unit in its place. Bottom

Find the spot fixing "tseplyalki" mark it with a pencil or marker, and then take out the box, so as not to disturb or fasten.

Find the spot fixing
Prikruchivaem «tseplyalku»
«Tseplyalka» zakreplena

If the box is the lowest, you can set closer to the top of the box to make it easier to tie in the right place "tseplyalku."

The installation is complete, the result is very pleasing! Very nice was the closing of such a box! Closer on the one hand is enough. Nothing is skewed and it works fine.

See a small reel with a record of results:

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