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Mosquito net

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Do you want to open window in the summer — to refresh the air in the room at the same time you want to sleep in peace, and not under the buzzing mosquitoes that fresh air and raid. Combine these nice things will removable mosquito net, which is attached to the outside of the window. But where to get them? There are many companies whose employees will come to your home, make the necessary measurements, and for three to five days will manufacture mosquito nets, to come and fix them. Most do not have anything, but a long wait and it turns out quite expensive. However, there are equal in quality to a faster and cheaper option it with you and we will look at in this article.

Manufacturing mosquito net

For manufacturing, we need materials and dimensions of the future product. Let's start with the size — take a tape measure and measure the outside of the window opening (width and height), to prepare a mosquito net overlaps the window opening increase our measured value of an inch on each side. This size will be our future products.

Of what do we do? The whole course of his argument will not lead, but I stopped I was in a comfortable and affordable option: the skeleton of a white cable channel about 15x7, corners metal angle, grid... just an ordinary mosquito net in the package in the same hardware store. Mounting parts - small screws with nuts and washers. Given the size of the width and height of hope as we need to buy a two-meter cable channels. I failed to meet one, I had to take two.

So, we bought, came home and ready for action. Measure out the needed length and width of the cable channel and a 45° angle saw off. Before sawing is important to ensure that the resulting parts form the framework, which will be located trunking lid to one side.

We got 4 pieces of plastic to create a frame. Remained separate part of the cable channel and put them on the floor. Next, insert the corners in, like in the picture:

Mounting frame by angles

Holes for bolts in the cable channel can be drilled, but because it is quite soft, I just prokovyrival scissors are inserted from the outside of the bolt and the nut screwed on the inside. And so at every turn. The result is a rectangular frame:

Frame is ready

It spreads a net and cover trunking presses it, then cut off the excess.

Frame with net

Installation finished mosquito nets at the window

To mesh held needed some fixing. Search in shop for beautiful plant nets, but did not find, and then had to invent.

Took an aluminum rail, cut pieces of 3-5 cm and made her here are mounting:

bottom mountings
Right Side mount. Stuck between the frame and the wall, put the sealant.
Left Side mount. Cleaned and glued

On the sides just put the glue, there is not a very big load, and the bottom on the screws tightened. Not very nice out, but hold.

Mosquitoscreen on a window
Mosquitoscreen on a window
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