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Parquet Varnishing

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Wooden floors were very popular in our time, their main advantage is that they are resilient, non-slip, noiseless, are cozy and warm in the house and also suitable for almost all style decisions in the room. However, wood floors and require special protection. Paint must be covered to prevent the clogging of the slots with dust and dirt, as well as blowing (especially if you have wooden flooring, built from small plates) for the smallest erase, to facilitate cleaning, the aesthetic appearance. Also, importantly, the floor varnished serve you on average 8-10 years without repair.

Parketny floor covered lakom

What we need to cover parquet lacquer. Need to stock up on supplies as follows: The leaves are large, medium and fine sandpaper, edge device, Belt Sander, solvent (corresponding varnish), rubber gloves, paint itself.

So, proceed

First you need to bring to the floor perfectly smooth condition: boards held together, are driven into the wide gap with glue strips, narrow slit tow sealed with glue. All surface irregularities are eliminated (nails and other sharp objects, tar, etc.), remove the top layer of wood faded. If the floor has been previously painted, you need all the peeling paint removed from the surface of a special tool or white spirit. Apply paint only on a dry and dust-free surface. Use the grinder to achieve the best results are not available for the car seats are manually processed. First, use the large and medium grit paper, then the paper with fine grain.

Parquet floor covered by varnish

Recommended to treat the surface of wood preservative, so as not bred insects, mold and fungus. Antiseptic dry 24 hours, and the next day you can start varnishing.

After sanding, wash the floor with warm water and detergent, then rinse and let dry.

not use detergent on the oak and chestnut wood floor!

If the layer of paint on the old dance floor is worn or cracked, then this should replace the floor covering. If the paint is dull or dimmed, the surface should be lightly sanded melkozernovoy sandpaper and coat a new layer of polyurethane varnish.

Before coating is recommended to apply a thin layer of varnish on a small section of the floor, as you can see the color of the selected paint on your floor.

You can cover the floor one-component (mixed ready to use) or a two-component varnish (mixture preparation). One component lacquer applied to the cleaned surface of the broad paint brush in the direction of the window to the door. Allow the varnish to dry thoroughly, then lightly abrade the surface with a machine or by hand. Clean the surface and re-apply for another 1-2 coats of varnish.

Varnish dries 48 hours, then you can use the premises.

Паркетный пол покрытый лаком
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