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Linoleum Laying

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Well, first, you need the desire. Without in any way. Second, laying linoleum their hands need some tools.

So, you're putting in the prestigious shops for decent linoleum. Requires it first deployed in the room where he will be laid. Let him lie down for 2-3 days in an expanded form, so he "lie down" and he will not have wrinkles. Usually when this option during installation is not met, then we get very ugly - skirting boards nailed to the floor linoleum is wavy. Do not forget that the linoleum as purchased and installed with a small surplus of 0.5-1.5 centimeters! This is very important, and then, God forbid, you buy a roll, and then did not have enough of one centimeter. Also, the surface on which is placed a new cover must be perfectly flat and do not have any third-party items, such as small stones and similar construction waste.

Linoleum Laying

When installing a single piece can safely begin nailing baseboard, the main watch that is exactly how you nailed the linoleum. If it becomes necessary to nail skirting linoleum, consisting of two or more pieces, the first all the pieces necessary to splice. Joints are held together with glue or special thresholds, you can buy at any hardware store.

Proper cutting work

When cutting work only use special scissors - no knives in your hands should not be. To cut it plinth can use an ordinary hacksaw on wood. Dowel holes should prodelyvat percussion drill, and better puncher.

With the right approach plinth mounted pretty easy, so you fully manage one assistant in this case it is unlikely you will need.

furniture arrangement

When placing furniture in a renovated room be careful, because linoleum is very easy to break careless tilting furniture. After you place your furniture to your liking, for the safety of your floor will be useful to cut small circles of residues and plant them under the feet of cabinets and sofas. A new cover will thank you - it will serve you for an incredibly long time.

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