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Indoor temperature depends not only on the parameters of heating equipment. How warm is your room or study depends largely on the quality of the insulation space, including the degree of insulation of windows, as the main channels of heat loss are the window openings, and only then to the door, the floor, walls and ceiling.

Much of the heat loss accounts for windows. Glass is loose, poorly fitting parts are contributing to the deterioration of insulating properties of the room. window insulator

The most common method of thermal insulation of windows - caulking cotton and gluing them to a paper tape. Despite the long history, it is very useful. The disadvantages are the large volume of work and the deterioration of the appearance of the window frames.

Modern and, at the same time, a less efficient thermal insulation of windows - sticking special sealing tapes. Despite the ease of use, this method has several disadvantages. Insufficient exactly fixed seals can lead to new slots. Gluing surface sealants may affect the painted surface of window frames. Sealing material has not always been resistant to low temperatures and high humidity. There are cases when, after one season of service, seals just crumble.

Along with the heat leakage caused gapping detail windows, leaking heat caused gapping glasses. For sealing window glass using special putty.

The greatest effect can be achieved by setting glass. Double glazing is a frame in which tightly integrates two or more glass. Cavity between the panes of air pumped out, or cavity filled with dry air. This design significantly reduces the heat transfer between the panes.

Great impact on the quality of seals used affect the latch. They should provide sufficient, but not excessive clamping frames.

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