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How to Disassemble Home Appliance

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How to Disassemble Home Appliance

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Bosch Fridge

So it looks like the top panel: The compressor is located behind the way it is installed capacity of the condensate dripping from the evaporator (this is a big black plastic piece that the compressor). If we remove all the shelves in the lower chamber (cold), and a lower dome light bulb, you will see the following picture: To the fridge was brighter than it is installed energy-saving lamp power of 11 watts. The bulb more... read more

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wheel

In wheels with time stuffed dust and hair, which causes difficulty of rotation, in which case they must be cleaned. Consider the example of a relatively new wheels. To start the wheel must be removed from the robot vacuum cleaner about it here: screen replacement robot cleaner. Remove the three plastic caps that conceal the screws securing the wheel. Unscrew the screws and remove the top part of the wheel. Now untwist the wheel itself and... read more

Scanner Disassembling

Will dismantle the old scanner Epson. Remove the cover. Her white part removed, underneath the device radiographic slides. It consists of a fluorescent lamp in the power supply unit and diffuser. The scanner itself. Remove the top part of the case. Here, the main board and the board with buttons, motor with gear and a mobile scanning element. Motor unit. Scanning... read more