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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

So it looks like the top panel:

Holodilnik Bosch, top panel
Holodilnik Bosch, top panel

The compressor is located behind the way it is installed capacity of the condensate dripping from the evaporator (this is a big black plastic piece that the compressor).

Compressor refrigerators Bosch Intelligent FrostFree 40
Compressor refrigerators Bosch Intelligent FrostFree 40

If we remove all the shelves in the lower chamber (cold), and a lower dome light bulb, you will see the following picture:

Holodilnaya kamera, lamp podsvetki
Holodilnaya kamera
Holodilnaya kamera

To the fridge was brighter than it is installed energy-saving lamp power of 11 watts. The bulb more power (about 40 watts) can not be set, and in general there is limited to 15 watts.

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26.02.2015 at 19:40 takis gr said:

hi there

i want your help if you can

i have the same refrigerator and always the same problem.

the freezer is working good but the fridge not. I defrost and for

some weeks is ok, but after the same. Today I remove the plastics

from the fridge and i see frozen in the air channels. I wander if i can

remove them permanently (i mean the regulatory filling) to allow

to the cold air circulation more easily

thanks for your time

27.02.2015 at 22:10 George said:


It seems in your fridge do not work well anti-frost heater on cooling vaporizer in freezer.

Check curcuits on all heaters on cooling elements.

Waiting for your results!

15.10.2015 at 21:37 Lyle A said:

hi there.

i have the same fridge and was hoping u could point out where the defrost timer is should there be one. mine does not cycle off and have metered all censors and heaters to find them ok.

15.10.2015 at 22:12 George said:

Sorry, I do not know. May be on PCB on the top of the fridge.

16.10.2015 at 07:08 Lyle A said:

thank you. thought it might be. just wanted second opinion. sure the PCB is faulty