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How to Disassemble Laptop Screen

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After replacement laptop matrix Acer Aspire One was left broken and we will see what it is made-analyze the matrix completely.

Matritsa, view speredi
Matritsa, view szadi

Come off while retaining the foil around the edges.

The Matrix without foil, front view
The Matrix without foil, rear view
The controller matrix
Razem podsvetki

Pull out the very matrix of the LCD from the case.

Matritsa separated from korpusa
Let's battered through the matrix to the chandelier

The remaining case:

Korpus ZhK-matritsy

In the lower part of the housing is a series of LEDs.

LED backlit LCD screen
LED backlit LCD screen
LED backlit LCD screen
LED backlit LCD screen

For a uniform dispersion of light from the bottom of a multi-layer diffuser: transparent layer with scattering risks, two films of birefringence and a matte film.

Plenka double lucheprelomleniem
Plenka double lucheprelomleniem

We now examine the screen itself, it consists of four layers: the two inner layers of glass and two outer plastic. Between the panes themselves are "liquid crystals", and the external film-polarizers. Divide them.

The inner panels:

Vnutrennie glass matritsy



Two crossed polarizers extending completely block the light, and if the polarization axis arranged in parallel, they will miss the entire light. This effect can be seen in the photos above on the triangular corner, which lies at different angles.

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