Main Improvement Improvement in a Home Appliances

Improvement in a Home Appliances

Доработка бытовой техники

About the refining and improving your home appliances.

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Improve Cartridge 121 for Deskjet Printer

121st cartridges have the usual and there with extended ink. Externally they are the same-differences inside. Open usual 121st cartridge (black). Top cover to the housing consists of a single piece of plastic, it should be split off. Will make a tidy-excellent. Will not work accurately-do not worry, just be harder to attach in place. Helped me chisel with a hammer, a knife just could not otkovyryat. Inside, in the center of the ink tank with a sponge, and around... read more

Kettle Cleaning

Kettles are covered in rust, especially spiral, if it is open or heating part, if not an open spiral. This can sometimes be an ugly rust cleaned off. The experiment with the unusual means of purification. You've probably heard a lot of legends about cleaning the pot with a drink Coca-Cola, as it eats up all the time rust. Neither do I. It is time to check out! It looks like the bottom of the kettle, which will be cleaned. In the "cleaner" is a phosphoric acid -... read more

Make Computer Quieter

Probably many annoying noise of your home or office computer , until the damage to the health of the constant noise. In this case, it would be desirable and quiet and functioning computer . Actually achieve the desired not only by complete computer upgrade or cooling system. Ways to reduce noise and vibration from the electronic computer and look at in this article. define all sources of noise Theoretically possible : fans ( power supply , CPU, graphics card and other... read more