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Kettle Cleaning

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Kettles are covered in rust, especially spiral, if it is open or heating part, if not an open spiral. This can sometimes be an ugly rust cleaned off. The experiment with the unusual means of purification. You've probably heard a lot of legends about cleaning the pot with a drink Coca-Cola, as it eats up all the time rust. Neither do I. It is time to check out!

It looks like the bottom of the kettle, which will be cleaned.

Dno kettle with rzhavchinoy
Dno kettle with rzhavchinoy

In the "cleaner" is a phosphoric acid - the main element to combat rust. True percentage is not specified. Fill the kettle!

Sostav Coca-Cola
pour Coca-Cola in a teapot

Fill the liquid in the kettle and boil a few times, then solem in a saucepan and boil once more the fresh catch of cola.

After a couple of boiled whole lemonade poured into the pan and looked at the bottom - not notice the difference. I decided a couple of times to wipe the rust with steel wool. She went down surprisingly easy.

The bottom of the pot after boiling with Coca -Cola and slightly shabby washcloth

Sorry not tried the rust on the strength before the experiment, but from my experience cleaning kettles know that rust is not so easy off.

Fill Coke back into the pot, boil again, leave for half an hour. After I rubbed the bottom of the thumb and little finger nail. The result can not be ignored!

More Bring to boil again and rubbed the right side of your thumb and little finger nail

Again pour cola and boil the kettle, to wait a couple of tens of minutes. Chemical cleaning is no tangible results, so I'm a little rubbed the bottom of the sponge, literally 10 seconds.

Ochischenny chaynik

Kettle well cleaned! A little rust left, but oh well, it still appears again.

I was a bit surprised by the result of the cleaning liquid that is intended for ingestion. Probably, citric acid would cope better, but it was interesting to check out Coke.

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