Main Improvement Improvement of a Mobile Devices

Improvement of a Mobile Devices

The improvement of our small portable equipment.

Доработка мобильных устройств
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Shorten Watch Band

Bracelets with links are standard size and they are great. In such cases, you need to remove unnecessary links. This is no big deal. You need something thin and strong connection to squeeze wedges, removing the buckle and the right amount of links. Wedges are squeezed to one side. If you look at the bracelet on both sides, then one can see the wedge with a cut in the middle, like a screw under the flat-head screwdriver and the other recess. So it is... read more

Turned off Alarm Keychain

Keychain Car Alarm «Pandora» quickly puts the battery. When the battery voltage is less than half, then stick periodically shuts down when trying to open the car or the filing of any other signal. You have to turn it on and retry. And not the fact that he goes off again and not have to run around in search of batteries. Why stick off? The sudden shutdown caused by voltage drops in the transmission signal. Not exactly a new battery is unable to maintain the required minimum... read more