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Repair of Auto Engine Starter

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Too many hosts «iron horses» confident that trust repair his car best professionals from the service. Indeed, if there was a break retractor relay coil winding insulation or damaged due to high load, there will not be enough on its own. But it happens that a car enthusiast himself quite capable of finding cause of failure and fix it. One of the situations where the auto repair is not difficult to conduct without the master, is falling into disrepair starter.

Needless shortness of crankshaft rotation is the first indication that the starter does not operate properly, inhibiting the activity of other mechanisms of the machine. In most cases, it prevents run poorly matched to the crankcase oil (not in season, not for the type of engine), because regular relubrication, doing that on the back anyone with a vehicle, sometimes solves all problems. As, however, and charging the battery, easy to carry out at home, because sometimes the abovementioned symptoms are triggered by low battery.

Starter's anchor

Diagnosing and performing repairs damage the car when these symptoms, you need to carefully inspect the battery terminals. To them they are two main requirements: clean contact surfaces and fixings. To clean them, you can use fine sandpaper. Carefully remove plaque, the terminals are fixed, and the point of contact from the top is covered with a thin layer of grease to prevent the ingress of oxygen and further oxidation. Contamination of the electrolyte, illiterate usage, bay solution of high density, regular load with a constant increase in temperature and decrease in the level of the electrolyte - any of these factors can cause early failure of the power element. If a violation of usage and charging (long rotation starter - about a minute or more), the battery is likely to lose its ability to hold a charge of expiry, zavyalennogo manufacturer.

Both the starter

The emergence of carbon brushes in the starter is one of the most common causes of failure of the main unit to start the engine system. This occurs because of the soot arcs that form again, because of the increased load, such as when starting the engine in cold weather with a thickened oil. But we can not exclude the possibility of a full brush wear. Another reason - a deposit on the contacts retractor relay. When such a failure will be the starter click and twist - no. The same can be attributed to defects of the oxide outer contact starter (usually located on the retractor), which is suitable wire from the ignition switch. In this case, the starter just does not turn on. But it is possible and accumulation inside the starter dirt and dust, which can lead to interruptions in his work or to jam the retractor relay in the "on" position, with the result that the starter will continue to rotate independently of the position of the key in the lock. In this case it is necessary to hurry to throw battery terminal. All these problems can be resolved by itself disassembly and cleaning of the internal volume of dirt and soot from the contacts. Is that the case with worn brushes will have to replace them.

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