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How to Change car Wheel for Girl

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Dear lady if you suddenly feel that your car is moving from side to side, you should pull over to the curb and stop. Get out of the car and inspect all wheels. Most likely, you will see that one wheel is blown away and you need to replace it. Should not be upset, because every car by default have a spare wheel. And a few options to replace it exist.

The First Option

Still you are a girl. And every man, if he is a real man, is not being able to refuse a courtesy, as a replacement for the shattered wheel. So you need to enable the "emergency gang" and try to stop any car passing by. When the car stopped with a man - include feminine charm. And the man did not notice how he replaced the wheel to you. After say thank you to him and hit the road.

The Second Option

If you do not have the spare wheel, and no cars passing by, it cannot be choosers. Turn on the «emergency gang», and slowly drive to the nearest village for help. Along the way, «lights blink» to the oncoming cars. Probably good people help you. In a word - hope springs eternal.

The Third Option

If the "reserve" is available, you can decide to exploit, and to try to fix a tubeless tire or replace the wheel yourself. You will need: a jack, wheel brace (he usually cross or looks like letter «L»), a pump for pumping the wheels, and a pressure gauge (it is often built into the pump) to check the tire pressure. You will also need to find two stones. For what? You’ll know later.

Wheel Changing

Place the vehicle on level ground curb. Engage first gear (for manual transmission) and mode «P» (for automatic transmission). Set the parking brake. Get out of the car and prepare all the items listed.

Next, follow the instructions

  1. Take the wheel wrench and loosen the bolts on the wheel pierced. Four of them. They are very tight. Therefore, put the key on the nut, and a leg press at the end of the key. So you have to break all four screws. While don’t need to unscrew them.
  2. Now turn on the jack. In any case, to prevent rolling car, beneath any of the wheels of the two stones. One front wheel and one rear. Further, under the front door feel for enhanced part of the body. In this place, and should set jack. Slowly begin to lift the car up until the flat tire is off the ground. Go directly to the wheel.
  3. Twisted key pre loose bolts. Now, you will need physical strength. Remove the wheel punctured. In his place, install the spare. The wheel is mounted on a special guide pins. By installing the wheel, is screwed into the hole all the bolts. For a start, do it by hand. Next, we use the wheel brace. Tighten the bolts and drop the car. Removing the jack under the car and lay it aside. Once again, check the quality of the bolts on the wheel, so as not to lose it on the road.
  4. Check the tire pressure gauge by manometer. To do this, unscrew the cap on the wheel and push the valve pressure gauge. Optimal pressure — 2 bars (may be referred to as «atmosphere»). If the pressure is lower than normal, then pump up the tire pump.
  5. Fold the tools in the trunk. Wipe hand towel and go on the road.

Dear girl if you moving by a car, suddenly felt that the vehicle began drive in different directions you should reduce speed, nestle on a roadside and stop. Leave the car and examine all wheels. Most likely, you will see that one wheel is lowered and you will need to replace it. It is not necessary to be upset, as in each car by default there is a spare wheel. And options of its replacement exists a little.

Flat tire

First option

After all you are a girl. And each man if he is of course the real man, can't refuse to you such courtesy, as replacement of the punched wheel. For this purpose turn on emergency signal and try to stop any passing by car. When the car with the man will stop — use female charm. And the man won't notice, how he will replace you a wheel. We tell him thanks and continue our way.

The second option

If at you is absent a spare wheel, and passing by cars aren't present, it is not necessary to choose. We include emergency signal and slowly we go towards the next settlement behind the help. On the way «we blink headlights» to counter cars. Most likely kind people will help you. In a word — hope springs eternal.

The third option

If «saver for a wheel» is available, it is possible to decide on a feat, and to replace a wheel independently. It is required to you: a jack, a ballonny key (it usually crosswise or as the letter «L»), the pump for wheel pumping, and a manometer (it often happens it is built in the pump) for pressure check in the tire. Also it is necessary to find two stones. For what? Learn later.

Replacement of a wheel

Establish the car on an equal site of a roadside. Include the first gear (for mechanical transmissions) and the «P» mode (for automatic transmissions). Put the car on the parking brake. Leave the car and prepare all listed subjects. Further by points.

  1. Take a ballonny key and weaken bolts on the punched wheel. Their four. They are tightened strongly. Therefore, put on a key a nut, and a foot press for the key end. Thus, you should break all four bolts. To turn off while them it is not necessary.
  2. Now on turn a jack. Just in case, that the car didn't sweep, enclose under any of wheels two stones. One in front of a wheel, another behind. Further under a forward door grope the strengthened part of a body. In this place also it is necessary to establish a jack. Slowly start to lift the car, until the lowered wheel do not up from the land.
  3. We pass directly to a wheel. We unscrew a key previously the weakened bolts. Now physical force is required. We remove the punched wheel. On its place it is established the spare. The wheel is established on special directing pins. Having established a wheel, we twist in an opening all bolts. For a start, we do it by hands. Further we use a ballonny key. We tighten bolts and we lower the car. We take from under the car a jack and we put it aside. Once again we check quality of an inhaling of bolts on a wheel not to lose it on the way.
  4. With manometer we check pressure in the tire. For this purpose we turn off a cap on a wheel and we press the gate a manometer. Optimum pressure — 2 atmospheres (it can be designated as «bar»). If pressure is lower than norm, we pump up a wheel the pump.
  5. We put tools in a luggage carrier. We wipe hands a napkin and we start on the journey.
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