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Cylinder Head Installation to CRDI Engine

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Install the cylinder head-the final stage of repair of the engine.

Install the turbine, fasten the exhaust manifold

GBTs kollektorom

Before installation, remove the head of the remaining oil and other fluids that may be in the place of installation mounting screws. You can rag on a thin screwdriver, you can come up with the recovery unit ... The main thing-to drain so that when tightening the screws all the liquid from reaching the surface of contact of the cylinder head of the engine block and the cylinder head gasket. It is also necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the cylinder. Be Only a sleek metal.

The cylinder block, cylinder head prepared for installation
The cylinder block, cylinder head prepared for installation

Put the gasket on the cylinder block, cylinder head put into place and check whether anything is not forgotten.

GBTs on his meste

Fasten the intake manifold. It's easier than after bolting the cylinder head.

bolted to the cylinder head intake manifold

Insert the new screws. Always new! They are disposable and stretched. If you use the old screws can occur depressurization of the combustion chamber, and that is bad.

cylinder head set screws, tighten the left

Spirals in 3 doses: tighten to 20 nm at 120 ° dovorachivat and dovorachivat at 90 °. Source: manual complete with cylinder head gasket from the company Victor Reinz.

Zakruchivaem screws spirali

Cylinder head installed, you can begin to further build the engine.

Set the hydraulic lifters.


Will put the valve caps.

Klapannye caps ustanovleny

Set the rocker arms and camshaft.

Raspredval ustanovlen

And looks like the nozzle attachment, which is hidden from the view of the valve cover.

It looks like fixing jets Common Rail

Cars, which used the same engine (1.5 CRDI D3EA, 3 cylinder) and the same cylinder head:

  1. HYUNDAI Accent
  2. HYUNDAI Getz
  3. HYUNDAI Matrix

Cars, which used the same engine (2.0 CRDI D4EA, 4 cylinders)

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