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Injector Cleaning (With Removing, on the Rail)

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

For a start we remove the nozzle from the car with the fuel rail into which they are inserted. By the way there is a description of the same cleaning nozzles slightly different method: cleaning nozzles.

Forsunki reyke

It is necessary to prepare the fuel rail to create pressure in it, that is to plug the channel return line.


I was helped by a metal barrel of furniture-shelf support. Stop up the "return flow" and just in case zamatyvat wire or clamp.


Now you can wear the fuel hose to the inlet tube. Also on the photos below you can see connectors for injectors, I took Zhiguliovsk store. Of course, they are not for these injectors, but approached.

On the inlet tube dressed fuel hose

To clean the nozzle to run through the cleaning liquid while periodically opening and closing them.

For this purpose the AC adapter is selected from 9V landline. A thing is not very common-most adapters provide a constant current output, but still can be found.

Adapter on 9V

In the industrial network frequency 50Hz AC voltage, thus the nozzles are opened/closed 50 times a second. The nozzles indicated polarity. That it does not violate the adapter to the injector electrical circuit was soldered diode (actually several small diodes in parallel, I do not know what they stand to talk, but in such a quantity of any diode survive).

Multiple diodes in the chain.

To avoid unnecessary electrical overloads injectors they were connected to a 9 volt in series two. Receive 4.5 volts to the nozzle, it is more than three times less than 14V, which is the on-board network on the engine running, but it is enough to open the dispenser. Before that, there was an attempt to connect in series of 3, but failed-not enough power to open of three.

3 connected posledovatelno

Then I was able to design a system for supplying cleaning fluid under pressure. In the fuel hose put larger diameter hose and the plastic bottle on it. All very well to each other come.

In the bottle the liquid, the system is assembled, through the car nipple on the end of that rail, pump up the usual air pump motor. Over the pressure should be, clutching a bottle of hand. Do not pump the-all can fly apart. And take care of your eyes and just yourself, be prepared for the fact that all smashed and splattered cleaning fluid.

The system injector cleaning fluid under pressure

Set the nozzle on a tray for outgoing fluid bottle are suspending liquid to come to the injectors.

cleaning system assembled and ready to use

Connect the power supply to the injectors. They begin to crack and pour the liquid. "Cracked his" one pair-switch the power on the other.

Ochistka nozzles protsesse

Video of the cleaning process:

First, I drove through a long nozzle solvent, and it seemed to me that the desired effect is not present, for different sputtering torches at the very beginning cleaning, and after 30-40 minutes of the process. So was bought cleaner nozzle. Special designed for cleaning by this method is not found, so he took one of those that is poured into the tank at a certain amount of fuel.

Banochka cleaner forsunok

Can self-hypnosis ... but after that means spray torches were aligned. And after the whole procedure to pour it into the tank cleaner will not advise, but also to discourage too. Not sure-do not pour.

For results: only cleaned and so far can not say anything about reducing consumption. Feels like increase capacity, reduce noise ... changes did not catch. Maybe not so bad it was ...

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