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Oxygen Sensor Clean

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Began to deal with the fact that the indicator began to burn «check», then goes off, then back on fire, and the fuel guzzled a lot of machine. Reading the Internet found that this behavior is very similar to the indicator or a sdohshy oxygen sensor, or on its pollution, or both. Since it is not clear what exactly happened to the sensor, then you should try to clean it, and suddenly he's alive? Then do not buy new, and everything will be fine!

Removing lambda probe

Climbed to the Internet, and then look under the hood of this kislorodonyuhayuschy device. It was found that two of them - before and after the catalyst. There was not a lot of problems - and take the appropriate key, the fifth attempt, the one that twisted front of the catalyst. A lower quite simply been removed, the truth of the pit.

Lambda probe, which is set after the catalyst
Sam zond

Getting treatment

In the great network is full of references to clean up our device acid, phosphoric mainly, though not only, someone was cleaning the different chemistry for cleaning bathrooms, plates and other kitchen and household utensils. The main thing is not to scratch, that is, without the use of hard and medium-sized brushes, the maximum you can use a soft brush. I believe that advice and experiment with sandpaper and other crude methods did not. The blessing was phosphoric acid, I do not know what concentration, but it is as a flux for soldering is sold in half-liter plastic bottle. Acid was poured into a glass and soaked probe.

Lambda probe in a glass with acid

After half an hour, and even night looks dark carbon deposits on the probe has not changed, as well as clean and shiny he did not.

improved method for cleaning

I do not believe in the fact that he is so clean and that it is impossible to clean. It was decided to speed up a chemical reaction by heating the acid and of the plaque from which you want to get rid of. To do this on a gas stove with a small burner removed the lid and turned it over, laying off center (the acid is not dripping into the gas pipe). He lit the flame and dipping the probe into the acid warming. At first, nothing happened, and the acid was boiled and lightly splashing appeared the first signs of reaction - made some blue-green salt, washed it with water, the benefit of it dissolves in water. In this way, the sensor torment minutes, maybe fifteen, after which he became a really clean and shiny. And did not have to cut off the cap and after cleaning it to weld, as written in many sources, acid, well into.

Fotoposledovatelnost cleaning oxygen sensor:

Ochistka lambda probe acid on ogne
Ochistka lambda probe acid on ogne
Ochistka lambda probe acid on ogne
Ochistka lambda probe acid on ogne

Similarly cleared and the second probe. When installing smeared with graphite grease the threads, I hope this will help him not burn.

Ochischeny lambda zond, oiled graphite smazkoy
Posadochnoe place of oxygen datchika
Lyambda install at its mesto

cleaning results

Indicator «check» extinguished and no longer light up, except that when you turn the ignition to start the engine. It is difficult to assess objectively, but like the car was a little less than guzzle fuel, just a little. And to reduce the fuel consumption helped a great deal cleaning nozzles .

I will be glad to answer all your questions!

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