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Windshield Repair

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Used in the automotive industry today are two standard auto glass: hardened and three-layer (triplex). In case of accident triplex able to contain fragments of themselves, they do not scatter. Tempered glass is thermally treated, and when they are destroyed, then crumble to pieces instantly. Fasteners for auto-body of the car is made with the introduction of gluing or rubber seal. The first option is used on modern machines, because apart from a secure fit of the glass, this format increases the rigidity of the car body, providing high-quality proofing.

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It should be noted that the glass used for bonding, endowed with silk-screen pattern. It increases the strength of the adhesive to the glass and improves appearance. Fixing produced by rubber seals, is considered the most expensive option. Such replacement auto glass actually perform in the "garage" conditions. There are also disadvantages to this attachment - in a crash the glass may fall out of the opening. Another rubber seals gradually loses elasticity properties, and ceases to provide quality glass and fit body, causing water leakage may occur. The result is a degree of corrosion. The first method of securing complex, but it is fully automated assembly lines in the manufacturing plants.

If the car windows are exposed to sand, rocks, gravel. Originate a variety of injuries. The degree of "gravity" is of three kinds: microdamages chips and cracks.

To remove minor scratches, abrasions auto glass, polishing is carried out. Repair work to start chipping a hole, make it the center of the damage. If the cracks are sufficiently large (more than one centimeter), then the growth may be blocked to prevent drilling of holes in fracture closure, thereby forming a cavity which is filled with liquid polymer. The polymer hardens and fills the hole is almost as automotive glass, and because of the mechanical stress that occurs at the end of the crack, preventing the possibility of its further development.

Modern repair compounds harden under the influence of UV light for 20 minutes. Final polishing operation is considered. Cracks were removed in a number of approaches: initially it was washed from pollution, eliminating moisture (help here vacuum cleaner or water-displacing fluid). Then carry out measures to prevent "sprawl" cracks. Make a hole that will not pass through all the cracks. Drilling is carried out at low speed, without strong pressure. At the end of this crack by pressing "contamination break" before the opening. If there is a cleavage crack in the middle, then drill additional "on-off" of the hole. The following filling polymer. To prevent leakage of polymer to impose special glass plate. The cavities are filled with the composition is irradiated with ultraviolet light. It is necessary to polymerize the adhesive composition.

If there are rubber seals, it is required to provide access to the opening of the car body, that is, remove the pad decor, "janitors" and the instrument panel. In auto glass electrically disconnect the wires. Using a screwdriver, begin to move the seal around the edge of the opening frame, bypassing the entire perimeter. Then extract the glass with gasket.

Check the new car, the rubber seal groove lubricates uncured sealant, we put the seal on the glass. Placed in the outer groove of the rope, the ends crisscross the bottom of the glass. Glass with a seal imposed on the opening, the ends of the rope should be in the cabin. Gradually draw in their mouth, moving the edge of the seal.

When replacing auto glass glued operation is performed in dust-free and nezagazovannom room. Need sheathed components of a body, interior of the car. Initially, the vehicle is removed from the elements that impede access to the body. Cut the adhesive joint. In this case, remove all the excess old glue, being careful not to mess up the paint. You need to clean the seat and the edge of the glass, then degrease them. Corrosion is completely removed. Next, plot the ground surfaces to be bonded to the area to improve adhesion. Along the perimeter of the glass evenly apply the adhesive roller height of about 15 millimeters.

The handles endowed with suction cups, carefully set the glass. All offsets fix special spacers, if necessary, fasten with tape. The initial polymerization in the adhesive is two to three hours, during this period to move cars and slam doors should not be.

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23.11.2022 at 12:10 citylineautoglass said:

thank you for giving us this type of is very helpful for us .such an easy to understand your explanation about windshield repair and replacement. for more information visit our website

23.11.2022 at 12:10 citylineautoglass said:

thank you for giving us this type of is very helpful for us .such an easy to understand your explanation about windshield repair and replacement. for more information visit our website