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Repair car Audio (Fell off USB Connector)

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The man touched his shoulder and carried the USB connector from the board. Connector is not damaged, the board is almost too. With plug came off the track metallization.

Open the recorder and take a look inside.

Razobrannaya magnitola

Here's seat and the connector itself. He just kept on rations. Fixing method is good, but everything has a limit of strength.

USB-connector and place attachment
USB-connector and place attachment

Prepare a place for soldering and bonding connector. The connector itself is also smoothed out, c extreme pads tin removed, leaving only a thin layer. This is done using a soldering iron and a toothpick. Heated the whole "pad" and quick movement toothpicks removed tin.

Prepared seat for the USB-connector

Since the plating came off the track, you have to use the wiring for podpaivaniya connector. With the two center everything is clear, we'll see where the tracks go, and where you can solder wiring. On the extreme right is also simple - it land. A contact has left the other boards? To the residue solder almost unreal. This is a +5 V supply Most of all, comes through one of the contacts with the motherboard. We take the tester and check connected to one of the contacts with the desired advantage. Yes, this was - the fourth right up to him and solder wiring.

Positive cable for the USB-connector

Then solder all the wiring to the connector, and the land will be soldered to the board.

Provodki soldered to razemu

Planting connector on the glue and solder the body and the earth pin.

Razem pripayan

The connector in place. Putting the radio, waiting for the glue and continue to use it.

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