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Spark Plug Cleaning

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

It began with the fact that from the first machine factory and a second-half second glohla, and already the second attempt was got right. I think the thing in candles, as recently cleaned the injectors and spark if changed, the previous owner, and no one knows when. Usually spark change and all, but I decided to restore it. Been reading the literature vary, basic recovery method - baking. At first it was not clear why, and what it gives, because the candle and so works in the not very cold atmosphere - in the fire. It was found that the ceramic insulator accumulated carbon particles that conduct electricity, and eventually talk more and more carbon is flowing through the deposition, respectively, to share the sparks have less and less energy.

unconventional approach to cleaning

I decided on a different approach to the removal of deposits from the dielectric, yes, it really was all dirty, dark gray. I was used experimental method bathing candles in phosphoric acid with heating. The point is simple: Macau candle in acid, heat the cigarette lighter, the acid is heated, corrosive deposits on ceramics, can barely eat up the electrodes, and perhaps not, then mine, and dry them as a new candle. In theory, everything is fine, go to practice and see whether everything is just as good.

That's the old spark after removing the engine:

Gryaznye candles zazhiganiya

Take a candle, dip into the acid and warmed lighter. Acid begins to boil, turn dark brown. I warmed up around 40-50 seconds, then back into the acid and heat again. And so five times with each candle.

Svechi in a glass with phosphoric kislotoy

Fotoposledovatelnost cleaning spark plugs:

Cleaning the spark in the acid with heating
Cleaning the spark in the acid with heating
Cleaning the spark in the acid with heating
Cleaning the spark in the acid with heating

It must be said that apparently the result exceeded all expectations, ceramics completely cleared and became white, just like new!

The pure candlestick, just like new


It remains to put back into the engine and check. Staged. Starts well, the effect of running a half-second lost. Let's see what will happen about once a week will add the results. I hope the candles will continue to live with them and all will be well.

Describe the process of replacing the spark will not, because everything is clear, but there is one image:

Ustanovka candles in mashinu

Your questions will gladly answer in the comments!

Date of treatment: 28.10.2012.

29.10.2012 was held on the first trip of the candlelight, no problem.

05.11.2012. Excellent machine starts and also works. So far so good!

10.11.2012. It's okay, take a ride in person at the wheel, no problem.

20.11.2012. It gets cold, but the plant is wonderful, waiting frost.

03.12.2012. Snow fell, happened the first frosts, all is well with the machine.

04.01.2013. Time passes, and the machine works well.

12.01.2013. All is fine, new spark continue to expect in the trunk.

03.03.2013. Winter is almost leaving, no problems with the engine.

19.05.2013. Candles as new work, there were no problems noted.

19/10/2014. 3 or 4 months ago, re-friendly spark plugs, because became a bad start the car. That is enough for a year of cleaning, which is comparable in durability with the new candles. Now start, new spark is still waiting in the trunk.

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