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Valves Replacement

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To carry out the replacement of valves must to remove the cylinder head, and it is necessary to remove it remove the injectors, remove the valve cover, camshaft and, preferably, remove hydraulic lifters.

We have a cylinder head with the exhaust manifold.

The cylinder head with the exhaust manifold

The collector can be unscrewed so as not to interfere, but it is possible and so remove the valve.

Cylinder head with valves exhaust manifold removed

Valves are held in such an engine at the usual way, as in most engines, and perhaps in all.

The valve is in its place inside the guide bushing, it is worn seal (valve stem seal), then the valve spring, the valve plate and two small latch (also called biscuits, and the device for the release valves-"rassuharivatel").

To remove the valve cylinder head to put on a hard surface, covered with a cloth rag (not to scratch the plane adjacent to the cylinder block). The valve should have a secure fence below.

"Rassuharivatel"-a fairly simple tool, it has two adjustable stops. One it is fixed, and the other presses on the valve spring.

On the removed head "rassuharivatelyu" nezachto grasp, so we get the two screws that held the mounting of a cam and screwed them in place near the captured valves. They will be a support for the "rassuharivatelya" so screw the screws all the way to reliably sit, do not delay.

Now with the help of "rassuharivatelya" (he of a Russian aircraft, like tens of) press down on the spring and magnetic (a small magnet on a telescopic stick is very comfortable) take out the small clips ("crackers"). You can do without the magnet. One group took off valves, moved the screws to stop and continued.

Removing the valve retainers with
Removing the valve retainers with

The clips are removed, you can remove the upper spring plates and springs themselves, then remove the valve. The photos below valve seals also dropped. They are reasonably priced and Zemen them with new ones can not hurt.

Klapana snyaty. type cylinder head sverhu
Klapana snyaty. type cylinder head snizu

Here is the cylinder head after a little cleaning:

Clean cylinder head, top view
Clean the cylinder head, the view from the bottom

With the replacement of valves nice it would be nice to change the guides or deploy them to the size of a thick valves, if any, and change seats with their subsequent corrections under the new valve. Chance is also an option with a simple refinement of saddles without replacement. It is this version was done with my cylinder head: bush replaced, deployed under the new valve seat corrected, valves lapped. I myself am only a valve grind, the rest left to professionals.

Cars, which used the same engine (1.5 CRDI D3EA, 3 cylinder) and the same cylinder head:

  1. HYUNDAI Accent
  2. HYUNDAI Getz
  3. HYUNDAI Matrix

Cars, which used the same engine (2.0 CRDI D4EA, 4 cylinders)

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29.04.2014 at 13:04 R BALAJI NAIDU said:


i have accent crdi 2004 model run 85000 k.m a problem occurred MISSING yes missing mileage gone down my mechanic advised head work. i took second advise he told engine should be over oiled.As on today running perfectly except mileage plz advice me sir.


05.05.2014 at 09:50 Georgiy said:

BALAJI NAIDU, I did not understand...

What happened with your engine?

What happened with mileage?