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Inflatable Products Repair

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Now on sale a lot of rubber products, we often use: cushion for cars, mattresses, children's pools, etc. All of inflatable products, unfortunately, often suffer from external influence (torn, pierced). In this short article, I'll describe how you can repair the air bag. It appeared cut. This is hardly a technique, but let it be and this article.

Porez airboat podushke

Cushion upholstered in fabric and to preserve a beautiful view of the product attach a patch from the inside.

First you need to cut out of thin rubber suitable for the size of the patch and well cleaned it with sandpaper.

Then, using a cotton swab and alcohol to degrease the inner surface around the damaged area. For some reason I was doing it with solvent and I immediately acted against the edge of the cut. If alcohol is not, then check the effect of different degreasing agents on an inconspicuous area.

Degrease cut around the inside of the

Now shove the patch inside, for this it can be minimized. But so it turned in properly - buffed-up. Put it in the position in which it will be pasted.

Zaplatka vnutri

Now put on a patch and glue the inner surface of the tube. Inside difficult to completely miss the mark evenly, so do not worry if the glue does not cover all the way to the edges of the patch, the main thing is not to go too far to the opposite wall is not stuck.

Something to keep the patch below, and raise a damaged section, we give a few minutes to dry - required by the instructions for use of glue.

Podsushivaem kley

Then we press the glued part. Do not miss, if the other side stuck, then immediately it accurately separate. You can inflate the pillow slightly and allow to dry.

Zakleenny uchastok
Zakleenny uchastok

First tape the "internal" way, it did not work very carefully - has spoiled the beauty of the solvent, it was difficult to smooth the matter outside the cut. Do not repeat my mistake! A second time would be ideal.

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