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Prestigio P-175 Repair

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Start a business with the purchase of a faulty monitor in order to fix it, and then happily use it, because I monitor many different mend: Samsung, LG, BENQ, and possibly some more. Well I can not do it with a Russian? Yes easily! That's what I thought at the time. Forget about repairing monitors! In this case, repair the Russian monitor, after overseas was like to sit at the helm of the aircraft, only being able to drive a car.

Fault Monitor

Monitor not included. According to the previous owner, he was not turned on every time, and then stopped at all. What do we know - check the fuse, the inverter to change swollen capacitors and MOSFETs. Well, depending on what exactly needs to be replaced. Perhaps transformers or even any minor faults. Hooked up to the monitor power from the computer - the seller did not lie, do not turn on, the way the power of this monitor from an external 12-voltovogo source, which was not included, supply is connected to a car battery or a computer.

Disassembling the devices

Opened these things product, the inverter on a separate board, a small inverter capacitors are not inflated (in the photo is new, just in case), field effect transistors look perfect, like new (April 8-pin mikroshemku 4539). And where «F1» was blown fuse.

Plata invertora

Image processing board is small, only one kind of chip chipped. The name is not visible, because the top and split off, but it seems not to chip, so that should work. It looks like someone has tried to repair it. (The photo captures the moment when the wires are soldered).

Mikroskhema with a chipped verhom

Check the fuses in the inverter, he was burned out, replaced by another of the same denomination - 4 amp (although it is slightly more), when you turn on again, no sign of life. What is it - is not clear.

Novy invertore

Began to look on the internet about this brand and its repair, turns and flies firmware and only wonders what happens to them. Then I realized that I got in touch with something much more serious than expected.

Tried to find a picture of the same board as a monitor, and found out the name of the cleaved chip found on the technical documentation it turned out just switching regulator voltage to 5V. Conducted an experiment - from the computer to the monitor filed a 12V supply, and the output of the stabilizer leg 5 volts from the same computer. Connect the signal cable and the monitor starts, but only with the matrix of the trouble - the lamps are turned on but no picture.

Repair is a matrix

Proceeded to an analysis of the matrix (it turned out to Samsung), removed the lid, and then I opened the control board. It looks all nice and pretty, on closer inspection found a fuse in a SMD-resistor, as it turned out, punched. Replaced it.

Novy fuse in the controller matritsy
Novy fuse in the controller matritsy

After replacing the fuse matrix worked, but just over a third did not work (sorry, got so carried away that I forgot to take a picture), or rather does not work as it should be, all the small stuff shows. Further research and feelings brought the result found that while driving his fingers on the controller board in a non-image area is shown, but sloppy, in part, by taking away the fingers disappear. Long search and meditations found a burned 10-ohm resistor (R112, is new). A rewired capacitors because they initially thought.

Plata controller matritsy

And replaced it with a matrix of fully earned.

Matritsa rabotaet

The inverter just in case changed capacitors soldered braid of three wires to connect power from the computer, and at the end soldered a normal computer power connector.

Now when the computer is powered monitor, successfully operating and happy new owner. But here too it is necessary to take into account system power supply, because the monitor consumes about 30-50 watts.

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