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Fell off Mini-USB Connector

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In many of our mobile devices to charge and sync connector is used mini-USB. He firmly fixed inside, but careless use, that is, is jerked the cord when the unit is charging, if the equipment falls and hangs on USB-wire this connector can fall off. Just such a device and I took to repair.

putting in place the mini-USB connector

First thing is to get to the board where the connector was soldered so that it was possible to crawl back soldering iron. In my case (GPS-navigator) had to take it apart and remove the motherboard.

Otvalilsya mini-USB razem
Otvalilsya mini-USB razem

When fallen off the connector and the soldering became available to us, you are ready. Look like kept connector: he kept his body soldering in four places, on the soldering contacts themselves and glue on both sides of the sides of the body. First zaluzhaem connector solder joints, if necessary, to smooth out the soldering iron board space, but gently, 5 pins are very close to each other. Before boarding the connector in its place would be a good idea to glue it. I put on the hotmelt glue gun melts, but it is possible for some epoxy glue or something solid, but I would not put superglue on, for he grasped quickly and detach the connector in the event of failure will be difficult to solder. So, we plant the connector into place on the glue, and now we need to solder a 5 pin to their seats, managed no jumper or a pair of them. If you do not have a soldering iron with a very thin blade, it will not be easy, I had to solder a few times to achieve the desired result. When all 5 pins neatly soldered is soldered connector housing in four places, just as he had previously soldered.

mini-USB connector is soldered in place

Now connect the device to your computer and check if everything is working as it should. If all is well, then collect the device and continue to use it.

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