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Repair CD player Magnavox AZ6809

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

diagnosis: "Do not spin the disc»

Went to my player Magnavox AZ6809 with a diagnosis of "do not spin the disc." The first step, naturally, I turned it on in order to see how he "does not spin." When turned on, insert a disc and close the lid he really did not twist anything, but flipped often and continuously, until I turn it off.

CD-proigryvatel Magnavox AZ6809


Open the case and look, nothing suspicious was found. Include the opening of the unit, push the sensor close the lid and saw that the central part is not cool, and the laser head in the end position near the center of jerks in the range of 1 millimeter. After seeing this torsionally optical unit from all sides, it became clear - return mechanism on the head mysteriously shuts down. A detailed study of the mechanism revealed presence sensor head at the center - a little button that you press the laser head, when the latter is suitable position for the track zero optical media. The first suspect - this sensor. Has closed two of its contact when the player - went to try to unleash drive, then the theory is correct - a button does not work, rang her tester, once convinced of the correctness of the theory. What to do with a button? The first thought a normal person - replace. And I think further: "Before her throw the defective part is disassembled, all the same it will not be worse." Make out, I see dirty, almost black contacts. Taking five or six attempts to parse, clean-button collection began work properly, therefore, to change it is no longer necessary. Setting the button in place, switch on - the result is: the laser head position sensor works as the head approaches the center of the disc is spinning. I am pleased with himself, all neatly collect, put the disc that includes ... spinning, the player thinks, thinks, feels the presence of something inside, but can not read, the other disk - also, yes and no reading at all does not.

Cleaning, setting ...

I think it is clear - not a new technique (by the way, there is not one within the SMD component), the lens is dirty - it is necessary to wipe and all is well! Though the lens with a clean look and I took a cotton swab with alcohol and neatly rubbed. Turn - no effect. I again became clear - to limiting resistance in the laser slightly reduce, for the old, sat down, did not shine as before. Increased current laser trimmer - does not work yet raised - does not help. After increasing the current to the limit, without reaching results, crept into the idea that the head because of age is almost dead (eye examination shows a reddish, long look and do not advise anyone). Since the head refused to read the data, it was decided to take it apart and clean the inside, a little dust came flying over the years. Outwardly, everything was just perfectly clean, but it still rubbed all that he could. Knowing that for the proper alignment of the head, I need it collected, hoping to get lucky and your hands. In short, I, head and my hands luck did not visit, and the thought went on. Looked at the marking head: SF-92.5 - unknown to me a set of characters, but, as it turned out, a well-known Internet. From 450 rubles and more, many suppliers were asked for this optical head with different delivery times. Though there was no certainty that the new "electronic eye" will solve all problems, it was decided to take, I felt - will help.

new head

After some time spent in the search, I chose to purchase location, but confused me the full name of the head: SF-92.5 4/11, which means there are two loops with the appropriate amounts of contacts, because in the initial configuration of the head plumes 4/12 but one last touch is not involved. He came into the store, I took a look interesting laser and optical equipment and doubted that the four-core cable is the right size pads, also laterally some strange protrusions ... After some reasoning, it was decided to take, for fit, and if it does not fit, then finalize and stand as a native!

Laser head SF-92.5 4/11

As expected, four-pin head was not such as native, but it did not stop me - I cut a piece of the old trail head and solder it to the new loop. From an aesthetic point of view was not very good, and from a technical pretty well. This is what we want, it is still the parts inside and can not see them.

Raznye laser plumes golovok
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