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Samsung WB500 (HZ10W) Camera Repair

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

On the camera Samsung WB500 (aka HZ10W) broke a round pen zoom in/zoom out. Namely, the longer return to the center position, which is pretty much hindered closer to the desired length.

Faulty handle zoom in/zoom out on the left
Faulty handle zoom in/zoom out on the right

Open it and look what happened. To analyze this technique, you can unplug the battery and memory card, unscrew the screws all the little body, they are located near the joints of the body from the bottom and sides.

Vinty fixing snizu
Vinty fixing sprava
Vinty fixing sleva

Unscrewed the screws, remove the body. carefully with a large capacitor, it can be charged! It is better to defuse the resistance of the order of kilohms.

Korpus snyat
Korpus snyat, view szadi
Korpus snyat, view speredi

We proceed to remove the top panel, it is also fixed with screws. Unscrew the screws at each end.

Vint on tortse

One screw on the screen. Disconnect the two flexible loops: one simply pulled out, the other holding a clip.

screw over the screen (already loosened) and two flexible loops (one disconnected)

Then remove the microphone from their seats, as the wires from them go to this panel. The panel can be removed.

The top panel is removed from the camera
Verhnyaya panel fotoapparata

Now we get to the defective item. It was spring and the two antennae that returns the lever to the center position. She broke off a mustache, making it ceased to function. It was hidden behind a small metal piece resembling a triangle, which was secured with a screw.

There was nothing to replace it, so we had to invent. From a piece of thin steel wire was made similar to a spring. Not as smooth and neat as factory, but is able to perform its functions.

Samodelnaya pruzhina-vozvraschatel

Install the new part in place of the old.

SPRING near the installation
Pruzhinka on his meste
Pruzhinka detalyu

The only drawback was that because of its shape was pretty hard to install the spring in place, and even tie holder.

The spring is set into place and screw screwed

Check whether well does the new spring to finish, if necessary, collect the camera in the reverse order.

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