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Replacement LCD Screen of car GPS Navigation

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Hit me navigator Texet TN-606 with a cracked screen.

GPS-navigator Texet TN-606 with a broken screen

To replace it, you must first find what I started.

So right screen could not be found. It was possible only after an analysis to find the letters that are written in a line: «8T000291-00 J & T in 1013."

To this navigator is the screen «AT050TN33». This is a five-inch LCD screen with touch (size 120h75 mm, 40-pin in a line). Also this screen is suitable for a range of other GPS-navigators:

  1. BBK N5026
  2. Explay PN-980
  3. Explay PN-930
  4. Explay PN-935
  5. Pioneer PM-930
  6. Prestigio Geovision 5500
  7. Prestigio Geovision 5200 BT
  8. Prology iMap 524Ti
  9. Texet TN-700
  10. Texet TN-705
  11. Texet TN-710
  12. Texet TN-606
  13. Texet TN-610
  14. Texet TN-700

proceed to replacing the screen

First, take out the battery, memory card and SIM.

Akkuumulyator izvlechen

There are no screws holding the case does not, so just otkovyrivaem body.

Otkryvaem body by «otkovyrivaniya»
Korpus otkryt

After removing the housing unplug the ribbon display on the motherboard.

Shleyf screen otklyuchen
Shleyf screen otklyuchen

You can remove the screen, it is based on three latches.

Razbity screen izvlechen
The broken screen removed. Right new screen.

If broken down and touch and LCD screens, simply insert a new module and collect. Done!

Replacement Touch Screen

If only the touch screen is broken, and the LCD module correctly showed the picture is slightly more complicated.

Sealed-off FOUR train.

Budem otpaivat plume touch ekrana
Shleyf touchscreen otpayan
Shleyf touch ekrana

Gently touch screen were peeled off from the metal housing of the LCD screen.

Razbity touchscreen snyat
Razbity touchscreen snyat

It remains to glue the new touch screen and solder the cable, and then assemble the unit.

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