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Having come across in everyday life with sudden breakdowns of household appliances, with running faucets, or for example, with an urgent need to hang a chantlate, may become a serious issue for untrained people who don't have the necessary tools and skills a small household repairs. There is no secret that troubles like these may accumulate, or even fall on you as a snow ball.

Sometimes, you clutch one's head when you recognize your own helplessness in the face of such, as it may seem a trivial task, as a small household repairs. In fact, everything is absolutely not so scary! The whole civilized world uses the service of universal specialists providing services on small household repairs. Just call by phone, and there will come jack-of-all-trades, who will solve all your everyday problems at the shortest time — he will repair water pipe, repair electrical network, assembly furniture, hang on mirrors and do a lot of other work at his competence.

And then your life will find its lost colors, and you will enjoy it, not being disturbed by everyday problems. But you can improve your home by yourself! If you overcome your laziness and fear: «I can’t do it» and start doing, soon you will see that it is not so difficult to repair anything, and the main thing is realizing that you made something by yourself. If you decide to repair anything by yourself, here I will help you by providing with necessary information.

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What Have to Know at Selling a Flat

Today many people are concerned about the following question: how can the most profitable to sell the apartment for a short time? After all, everyone knows that the sale process can take a very long period, and in addition, there is always a chance that you can make a bad bargain. What to consider and what you need to know the nuances of those who are going to sell your property? Search real estate First, you need to find a reliable real estate agencies, to provide integrated... read more

Bath Restoration

Old age tub gets ugly appearance: yellow enamel, dark, color irregularity occurs, rough surface, cracks, sometimes enamel coming off completely and opens rust. It's not a reason to throw out the bath and put a new one, because the very basis of cast iron bath whole, spoiled only covering, and it can be restored. Here I will discuss this reduction. Originally an old bathtub looked like this: Before painting the surface of the bath should be... read more

Bathroom renovation v2

When you start to make repairs in the bathroom, make sure to remember that it will be necessary to comply with the essential requirements at all stages of repair, as they are important elements in the process. This area must be not only functional, but also comfortable, because this is where you can relax after a hard day's work, as well as get fit and positive energy. For this reason the repairs in the bathroom must be done professionally, especially for those who want to make... read more

Bathroom renovation

Before proceeding directly to the repair, you need to prepare a project, clearly identifying where and what will be. You may have to make alterations, shift and expand the area of ​​the wall, or transfer of communication. Residents of small apartments suffer from a lack of space. This can be easily fixed by modifying the location of the walls. But any repairs must not violate applicable laws, for example, to remove or move bearing walls, the existing communication, the making of... read more

Ceramic Tiles Flooring

During repairs, many people in the apartment building used as a ceramic tile floor. This cover looks great in any environment, from the most simple and uncomplicated to expensive. This building material is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. In this paper, we consider the installation of ceramic tiles by hand. For construction work on the laying of ceramic tiles, the following tools: ruler, rubber mallet, trowel, grout crosses, laser level, building level, special... read more

Gas Heater Install

First you need to prepare the site for installation of water heater. In my case, you must remove the old heater. The reason for replacement: light always goes out, tired of running to kindle it. Removing the old water heater The hardest thing in removing the old water heater — is unscrew the gas pipe, of course, if it is not connected modern gas hose, and connected with steel pipes that connect round sockets without faces, fixed nut, and even painted on top of it... read more

Gas Heater Membrane Replacement

Column sort regularly work with include gas when the water is heated by the combustion gas. But it so happened that she became a long time off. That is, turn off the water, and a large flame burns more seconds 5-8, after gradually fade. The water boils in the heater, the internal pressure is increased, it is terrible in general. After reading the internet came to the conclusion that something is wrong with that node, which turns on and off the gas when passing water... read more

Shelves in Niche

What happens is that for all sorts of everyday items is not enough space, and in the niche bathroom or toilet has an unused void. This void can be filled with household objects, to attach to the walls of a few shelves. To do this you need: a few planks size you want, metal corners, fasteners and tools. Consider the attachment to the concrete wall. Initially, choose the location and number of shelves and make marks on the wall. Harvest the necessary size of... read more

Suspended Ceiling in Bathroom

Tools required: hammer, hammer, screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer, saw, level, tape measure, skobozabivochny gun, knife, drill wood, drill for concrete and wood, sealant gun, miter box. Materials: wooden bar 5x4, metal hanger, HAMMER, screws, PVC panels, brackets, silicone white spotlight tape. Sequence of work: Cut a few wooden bars on the same size, for the resettlement framework of the future ceiling. On one brusku fastened to the opposite wall, with a few set... read more

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen

Apartment repair - troublesome, requires patience, skill and some serious spending. You can certainly trust the repair to professionals, but there is a less expensive option - to repair their own hands. Many people know how pokleit wallpaper, but how to put the tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen? To some this may seem very complex, but there are those who will help the detailed procedure for laying ceramic tiles. Let's begin! To get started, you need a tool: the level spreader... read more

Door Soft Close

The hinges on the doors of kitchen cabinets doors are fixed in the closed and open positions. If you do not bring the hand up to the door closed position, but at least a little to close to the door itself, it begins to rattle. To the doors of kitchen cabinets are not clapping, and close smoothly and quietly invented a special shock absorber, which "catches up" before closing the door - its resistance reduces the speed and slowly releases it to the closed state. When opening the door... read more

Drawer Soft Close

Closer boxes theory There are lots of kitchen drawers that are pushed almost silently and gently. No matter how you tried to slam them. This helps them closer, which picks up the box just before the end of the road, slow it, if it goes quickly and smoothly pushes through. The modern furniture such devices are installed initially, and not the newest of them can not be, but they can be put, which we discuss in this article. Buy closers sliding drawers can be in some stores or... read more

False Ceiling for Kitchen

Modern systems slatted ceilings can be seen in various public places, cafes and bars, swimming pools and gyms, hotels, offices, kitchens, porches, and in bathrooms and toilets. The increased popularity of suspended ceilings means that consumers have appreciated their performance properties and aesthetic appearance. The advantages of this model, the roof ceilings are:   wide range of colors for use in a variety of interiors. speed of installation and simplicity of the device... read more

Kitchen Renovation v2

The kitchen has a special burden in any home. Daily cooking, humidity, various sources of odors and more characterizes the room and its importance and function. Therefore, the kitchen renovation to be carefully considered, bearing in mind not only the aesthetics, but also the practicality of the subject. Room design. Kitchen space has individual characteristics and the number of square meters. Regardless of this fact, it is necessary to foresee the number of steps, the results of... read more

Kitchen Renovation

Before you begin to repair kitchen facilities, we recommend to change the water pipes. Then change the electrical wiring. Install it from this type of wire to all electrical appliances (electric stove, dishwasher, washing machine and other household appliances, kitchen lighting, ventilation, etc.) to work properly, and the total power of all the equipment does not exceed the permitted capacity of the wire. Plan, where it would be located, and with this in mind, decide where and how many... read more

Kitchen Suspended Ceiling

Have long been known for hanging or suspended ceilings. But not only do they give the room a beautiful appearance, but also a means to hide the communications. But you yourself can set ceilings. To speed up and simplify the work, divide it into several steps. They will be simple enough to execute. Cooking room To get started, you need to prepare the area in which you have decided to place the suspended ceiling. Easier to do once the ceiling throughout the apartment or... read more

Kitchen cases on the walls of plasterboard

We consider the most interesting case: you have to hang on the wall of lockers drywall, its thickness is not known what kind of drywall is also unknown. Take a long plank, about a centimeter thick, but a little wider, better plywood. Chipboard and ordinary tree can crack. To cabinets hung exactly fasten the bottom one more of the same thickness. But I'm taking DSP, another I was not. Fasten our board for the entire length of the hanging... read more

Refacing Kitchen Cabinet

The first thing you notice in any kitchen, this surface: steel appliances, granite countertops, new hardwood floors. But if you think, the very first catches the eye that is located at eye level, and almost always is - cabinets. And the most eye-catching surfaces are cabinet doors. However, to the doors of the kitchen cabinets are often treated simply as a functional tool. It's not too interesting decor items, of course, if you do not make it so. Small reface, and your cabinets will stand... read more

Bedroom Design

Before doing bedroom repair, it is necessary to think over everything very carefully. The healthy sleep completely depends on a room situation. Thus, apartment renovation is necessary for beginning with the general plan of the apartment or the house, and the arrangement of a bedroom is defined by the following parameters: For a bedroom it is better to choose the room located in a distant room or on the second floor, if the house two-storeyed. Planning carrying out repair, pay attention... read more

Ceiling Repair

One of the most important steps in achieving coziness in your house is repairing the ceiling. Currently there are many ways to do it. It can be painting and whitewashing, as well as the use of hung ceiling. You are to choose. But the simplest and the cheapest way is painting and whitewashing. Let's examine these methods in detail. Before painting or whitewashing the ceiling, it has to be prepared, cleaned of old coatings. Clean the areas of the ceiling, where the old putty or... read more

Ceiling Wallpaper

Taping ceiling wallpaper will give your apartment a holistic look, lead to the same type design. Wallpapering the ceiling is not such a hard task, but to start it's better together. Tools and materials that we will need to work with: wallpaper, wallpaper glue, stepladder, dishes glue, pencil, tape measure, scissors, brush, sponge, roller and sandpaper. If you decide to paste over the walls and ceiling, you start with the ceiling. Identifying the right wallpaper... read more

Child Bedroom

It is known that adult hands-on approach to their own home. Children, on the contrary, in the house only see the magic world, which should fit everything. Because of this design a child's bedroom, in which they live or will live a child should be weighed very carefully: any magic world need to be supported so that it is comfortable and enjoyable, as well as different in comfort and functionality. When you make a repair of bedroomin the new apartment or just a bedroomfor the baby... read more

How to lay Laminate Flooring

First of all, before laying laminate with their hands to prepare the floor. It must be smooth and without large fluctuations should not "walk." Ideally we should perestilat floor and make it out of plywood with a minimum thickness of 22 mm, the distance between joists 500 mm. May be placed on top of linoleum, wood flooring or coated subject flatness. Not recommended laying on top of carpet due to static electricity. When laying on the concrete floor moisture latter should be within 2.5%... read more

Linoleum Laying

Well, first, you need the desire. Without in any way. Second, laying linoleum their hands need some tools. So, you're putting in the prestigious shops for decent linoleum. Requires it first deployed in the room where he will be laid. Let him lie down for 2-3 days in an expanded form, so he "lie down" and he will not have wrinkles. Usually when this option during installation is not met, then we get very ugly - skirting boards nailed to the floor linoleum is wavy. Do not forget that... read more

Mosquito net

Do you want to open window in the summer — to refresh the air in the room at the same time you want to sleep in peace, and not under the buzzing mosquitoes that fresh air and raid. Combine these nice things will removable mosquito net, which is attached to the outside of the window. But where to get them? There are many companies whose employees will come to your home, make the necessary measurements, and for three to five days will manufacture mosquito nets, to come and fix them... read more

Parquet Varnishing

Wooden floors were very popular in our time, their main advantage is that they are resilient, non-slip, noiseless, are cozy and warm in the house and also suitable for almost all style decisions in the room. However, wood floors and require special protection. Paint must be covered to prevent the clogging of the slots with dust and dirt, as well as blowing (especially if you have wooden flooring, built from small plates) for the smallest erase, to facilitate cleaning, the aesthetic... read more

Radiator Screen

Screens installed on radiators, will hide not so beautiful radiators "Soviet" model, which even dyed look not modern. Side of the screen is composed entirely of mesh, overlooking the warm air, so the installation of the screen will not worsen quality of heating the room, but will significantly improve the look and protects the area near the heating elements in the room, because the "Soviet" radiator is the set of edges and corners, which will be hidden behind the screen. And the time... read more

Wallpaper for Room

Make repairs — is it easy or difficult? It is unlikely that the future to do repairs on their hands would be delighted philistine. Because it means killing night after night, coming from work, or every weekend, when you want to relax, or to donate repair vacation. It is unlikely that a professional repair afraid — it's his job. And repair repair strife, but because if you decide to change the environment in the room, without having to many victims, you will not find a better way... read more


By the choice of wallpaper should be approached very carefully, as they will set the tone and overall style of your room. Also keep in mind when choosing the type and condition of the room walls. Dry environment you can use any types of wallpaper, for wet room (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) - embossed or plain vinyl wallpaper (washable) for uneven walls better glue embossed wallpaper or wallpaper with large cells or with a dense pattern. Choose a high quality wallpapers! If you... read more

Wooden Parquet Flooring

Parquet has long considered the most beautiful and popular flooring. Despite the changes of fashion and come to market with new finishes, the coating does not give up its position - it is surprisingly fits in any environment, it can be used successfully in a variety of residential and public buildings. Pros parquet overestimated - is beautiful appearance, durability, strength, warmth, ecology and, of course, is the opportunity to decorate any style. In this paper, we consider the options... read more

Wooden Parquet Flooring

Parquet has long considered the most beautiful and popular flooring. Despite the changes of fashion and come to market with new finishes, the coating does not give up its position - it is surprisingly fits in any environment, it can be used successfully in a variety of residential and public buildings. Pros parquet overestimated - is beautiful appearance, durability, strength, warmth, ecology and, of course, is the opportunity to decorate any style. In this paper, we consider the..... read more

Apartment Soundproof

Sooner or later, but before every urban dweller question about soundproofing apartments. Every day, at any time we hear the noise of cars, slamming doors, screaming neighbors - well, and on the weekend when you want to sleep, peaceful sleep gives our running drill. Finally, there comes a time when you want to take everything off and that at least a few minutes to enjoy the silence. But where to find this magic switch? High-quality soundproofing apartments - that out of this... read more

Latch Installing to Window

Modern plastic windows are very easy to use - easy to open and close, and in two "directions", have the function of "mikroprovetrivaniya" (that is fixed in the window slightly open state). But these functions are often insufficient to ensure a stable level of ventilation required. Almost always there is wind, which either closes or opens our window. In such a case, the ideal solution would be to install a window latch in the form of a comb. This small and easy-to-install thing... read more

Windows Insulation

Indoor temperature depends not only on the parameters of heating equipment. How warm is your room or study depends largely on the quality of the insulation space, including the degree of insulation of windows, as the main channels of heat loss are the window openings, and only then to the door, the floor, walls and ceiling. Much of the heat loss accounts for windows. Glass is loose, poorly fitting parts are contributing to the deterioration of insulating properties of the... read more

Wooden Doors and Windows

Anyone sooner or later faces the need for some repair work in the house. However, while a full major repair work often requires professional assistance, the windows and doors can be repaired on your own, without professional specialist services. As a result of improper and long-term operation, doors and windows start coming apart, swinging open, squeaking and falling to pieces. They may also get warped or even sag. These are simple defects, which can be easily fixed with glue, joinery... read more