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Difficult repair

This type of repair may take a long time — days and weeks. The duration of repair depends on which technique and what kind of failure. For example, go through an engine in a car, clearly not on a work day, and in the process may need to purchase additional parts.

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Articles of this section:

Acer Aspire 7520 Screen Flex Cable Replacement

Similarly, changes (and the same loop) model with a smaller diagonal — Aspire 5520. Probably a similar scheme to replace many laptops. You can find it on aliexpress on request «Acer aspire 7520 flex... read more

Calculator Repair

Some of the calculator buttons stopped working. Open the calculator and see what's inside. This will help us determine the cause of malfunction buttons. Due to unknown circumstances, cracked internal card, but the copper tracks intact. Remove the PCB. It rests on the plastic rivets. They will have to carefully cut, then you can take charge. Clearly, graphite damaged track. Tester will check them to make sure that they... read more

Earphones Skip

Consider the example of flash-player Kingston. While manipulating the headphone jack sound is lost, then show up. It is obvious that extends around the contact. To begin to connect other headphones and make sure that it is not in them, and therefore in the player. Let's open the player Unscrew the 4 small screws on the back cover and remove the rear cover. Better to remove the battery to completely disconnect the device. Now, look at the connector for... read more

Fell off Mini-USB Connector

In many of our mobile devices to charge and sync connector is used mini-USB. He firmly fixed inside, but careless use, that is, is jerked the cord when the unit is charging, if the equipment falls and hangs on USB-wire this connector can fall off. Just such a device and I took to repair. putting in place the mini-USB connector First thing is to get to the board where the connector was soldered so that it was possible to crawl back soldering iron. In my case (GPS-navigator) had... read more

Fix Mouse Wheel

Using modern pointing devices, we can face the problem of non-working mouse wheel, or working properly (when scrolling page "torn" up-and-down), which affects the final result of the same - use the scroll wheel does not help to use the computer, because the wheel does not have a mouse working. As a result, we do not use or scrolling or looking for a different mouse. The same problems can occur with the buttons, but what about in the article «Mouse button does not work». But... read more

Garmin Dakota Touch Screen Replacement

On the Navigator Garmin Dakota 20 crashed touch screen (in Dakota 10 uses the same touch-screen). New available on various Chinese websites, and then replaced. Consider the sequence of actions necessary to replace the touch screen. Remove the back cover under it 6 small screws that hold the case. Unscrew them and the navigator, you can disconnect into two parts. Now two of the only trail connects the screen. Disconnect it and divide the... read more

Google Nexus (LG-E960) Screen Replacement

The unit has been beaten with two glasses. Rear window and fell well earned, and a new front appeared broken (defective sensor and LCD —... read more

HTC HD2 Touchscreen Replacement

Split the screen on this device. Order a new and will change. The screen went as usual — from China via aliexpress. This copy with an extended battery, so we see the "hump" behind. But the technology replacing the screen is not affected, it is still the first thing izvlechёm battery. Now you can unscrew the screws (hex need a little asterisk) and peel the foil, which is located under the battery-in the rear. Loosened screws-you can remove... read more

How to fix a Mouse Wheel

If you have suddenly stopped working mouse wheel (for example, as a result of a fall or any impact). Without prior symptoms of pull is enough page up and down while scrolling while spinning freely, it is likely that this article will help you. Scrolls the mouse wheel Mouse wheel scrolls the mouse, because it broke! In the truest sense, it has fallen off the plastic axis through which the torque is transmitted to the rotation sensor, repair of which is described in... read more

Kindle Screen Replacement

On the e-book Amazon Kindle D00901 cracked screens. Let's try to replace him. This model is made on the basis of electronic ink. First, remove the back cover, it must be podkovyrnut something sharp, it does not fastened. Inside we see a bunch of cogs, most of which need to unscrew for further disassembly. Not all, but the deal easier to unscrew it like I did. In this model, only two types of screws - black and shiny, so I folded them into one... read more

Laptop Keyboard Repair

I'll show you an example notebook Acer. So the problem is: the keyboard of 10 keys in different places have stopped working. Figuring out the reasons for failure With the computer to remember or write down all the non-working keys, turn off the computer and remove the battery. Next, unscrew the screws from the battery compartment that hold the top panel, remove the panel itself: Then take out the keyboard, disable it (it's connected to one loop). And... read more

Lenovo P780 Screen Replacement

Crashed on Lenovo P780 screen, so much so that the sensor stopped working, and the LCD remained intact. By the way, collect data in such a failure will help USB OTG-cable (USB On-The-Go-on the one side of the USB plug in the computer, the other mini/micro-USB connector) and the usual USB-mouse. Connect a mouse to the phone-appears on the screen cursor and act. Despite the integrity of the LCD screen the author decided to change the entire assembly (LCD and sensor), because... read more

Mobile Screen Replacement

Crashed on the phone LG S367 screen. Right in the center of the screen "star" was formed. Proceed to disassemble the phone. The first step is to remove the back cover and take out the battery, memory card and SIM. 7 Turn off the small screws and open the case. Now detach the front panel from the inside. It remains to peel the screen from the motherboard (it is glued to the double sided tape) and turn off the... read more

Mouse Button Repair

Illustrate wireless mouse HP It began with the fact that the left button is pressed perceived only with considerable effort, and when you effortlessly fire every time. If the mouse button is not working, and it all started similarly, then remount the same plan. Mouse wheel is also not eternal, its recovery is described in the article «Mouse wheel does not work». It was decided to get to the innards are not running the mouse and clean the contact sites. To get to the mouse buttons... read more

Mouse Repair

One of the most common reasons that a mouse can not work - it is an internal broken wires on the battery cable to the mouse. Computer mouse whether USB or PS/2 uses five wires. One screening, two supply and two for data. At break of at least one of them, except the shield, the result is - the mouse does not work. It is possible that some details do not work, for example, Wheel or button . Consider the repair of such a failure. We first analyze the mouse by unscrewing the 4... read more

Pocketbook IQ 701 Touch Screen Replacement

Crashed on the touch screen e-book Pocketbook IQ 701. Well crashed: To replace you will need a new screen and dismantling the device. The new screen can be found on aliexpress without any tricks, just request «Pocketbook IQ 701 touch screen ». Let's move on to the disassembly IQ 701, rear view: Deactivate the blue paper to the back cover. She just otschёlkivaetsyayu. I mean her no screws do not hold, otschёlkivaetsya it is not very... read more

Repair CD player Magnavox AZ6809

diagnosis: "Do not spin the disc» Went to my player Magnavox AZ6809 with a diagnosis of "do not spin the disc." The first step, naturally, I turned it on in order to see how he "does not spin." When turned on, insert a disc and close the lid he really did not twist anything, but flipped often and continuously, until I turn it off. autopsy Open the case and look, nothing suspicious was found. Include the opening of the unit, push the sensor close the lid and saw... read more

Repair Sony Ericsson Xperia MT15i (SIM-card socket)

In SIM-card connector has broken one of six contacts. Ways to repair, replace all the contact group SIM-card or perverted and restore the broken-off "mustache". Of course, we will act as the second embodiment. Not least because there is no way in the home neatly vypayat contact group. To begin with take off the back cover and battery, turn off the seven screws that hold the case. Six of them are metallic colors on the corners and sides. One of them is black, with a cap under... read more

Replacement LCD Screen of car GPS Navigation

Hit me navigator Texet TN-606 with a cracked screen. To replace it, you must first find what I started. So right screen could not be found. It was possible only after an analysis to find the letters that are written in a line: «8T000291-00 J & T in 1013." To this navigator is the screen «AT050TN33». This is a five-inch LCD screen with touch (size 120h75 mm, 40-pin in a line). Also this screen is suitable for a range of other GPS-navigators: BBK... read more

SIM-card Connector Repair

First of all analyze and pick up the phone jack ( without going into details, because all phones are different) . Incidentally, a similar problem is described by the example number Sony Ericsson Xperia MT15i ( SIM-card slot ). It looks like the connector in this case, six out of six " antennae " broken off . Remove excess plastic parts, not to hinder . Could be done " in good"-unsolder all of the metal connector housing and remove with plastic. But you can get... read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (GT-I8190) Screen Replacement

Hit me in the repair of already disassembled phone Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. About what it looked like: All because the upper glass broke and he decided to change. But only to tear the top glass without damaging the LCD screen is not very easy, and if more and leave the whole sensor (it is made in the form of the finest bits of glass between the screen and the protective glass), it has practically impossible task for a man with no skills and special tools. In... read more

Samsung WB500 (HZ10W) Camera Repair

On the camera Samsung WB500 (aka HZ10W) broke a round pen zoom in/zoom out. Namely, the longer return to the center position, which is pretty much hindered closer to the desired length. Open it and look what happened. To analyze this technique, you can unplug the battery and memory card, unscrew the screws all the little body, they are located near the joints of the body from the bottom and sides. Unscrewed the screws, remove the body. carefully... read more

Screen Goes Blank on Portable TV

On a folding TV (also known as DVD-player and much more), the image has lost its former color saturation and could be lost. So it looks like: The effect is started when moving the lid. And you can find a position in which the image quality is not lost, but over time it became worse. The changes look like this: Very similar to the bending plume. Let us examine and see. Remove the lid top. Then the bottom. ... read more

Screen Replacement Acer Aspire One

To replace the matrix caught computer Acer Aspire One (Model №: ZH9) with a vertical crack in the center of the screen. Well, pick up a matrix and change it. First, a sharp object, remove the cap of the two screws on the bottom of the front panel and remove them. Now you can remove the front frame arms. You just need to pull a little and she clicks depart. We got to the matrix, the 4 screws holding it on both sides. ... read more

Shturmann Link 500 Screen Replacement

Consider a way to restore the health and integrity of the screen by replacing the broken glass, which are part of the screen (like the touch and LCD). The very "patient": The process of replacing the screen Shturmann Link 500 is very similar to replace the navigator screen Texet. First define so that we will be changing and where we take the new parts, that is only broken touch screen or cracked as a touch and LCD screens. Details are available on various... read more

Snowboard Binding Hiback fix

The author of this masterpiece of repair: Nikolai Pavlovich Hazov. In this section, I published because there is nowhere else, it is not a mobile device in the classic sense, but still it is a portable thing. It would seem that with cracked backdrop (which is also called the highback) have nothing to do except throw mount and buy a new pair. But there is a mind that is realized! First, cut out the layout of the board, examples, and then later made two tin plates are sealed... read more

Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement

On the tablet Sony Xperia Z cracked screens, so much so that the sensor stopped working. Should be changed. About it and write. When disassembling to replace the screen will not be unscrewed, no screw. We need to remove the back cover. It rests only on the double sided tape. Podkovyrivaem cover and disconnect the perimeter of the tape. If heated, it will go easier. Cover removed-Disconnect the battery. In the pictures above and below it is already disabled... read more

Touch Screen Replacement HTC

Handhelds beat, break, or just beginning to work properly without any visible damage. In this paper, we consider the repair HTC Touch T3333 which does not work correctly touchscreen. Why am I writing right? Cracks nm was not and it worked in terms of short clicks. If you press on the screen and the movement began an unexpected reaction only vaguely reminiscent of the movement of the finger. This fault is repaired fairly easily, just need to get a touch screen. Its easy to... read more

iPad 2 Wi-Fi Problems

Entered on iPad 2 repair a peeling-screen virtually non-working Wi-Fi. Proceed to disassembly and see what's the matter. First you need to peel a touch screen. If it fits well, it must be warm and to hook around the perimeter of a thin plastic spatula. The author of these lines use a regular plastic card, slightly grind it to the one end it has become acute. It's quite difficult and not a quick operation that requires caution. So do not rush, peel off... read more

Broken Remote (LED fell off)

Remote stopped working on the car stereo . Let us examine it and see what's inside. LED fell off from the board with copper conductors . Soldered to the old place has not come out . Pull out the internal card for convenience . Strip the remaining parts of the copper tracks, which went to the LED, and zaludit them . LED also need to prepare . The first step is to take off the excess tin conclusions using a soldering iron . Then it bend the "feet"... read more

Charger Repair

Perhaps the most common failure chargers-bend the wire. Here is an example of this will work: There are two of the most troubled places: near the main unit and to the socket. If the wire is bent and no way to definitively determine the location of inflection, then try to examine it carefully. If that fails, then we assume that the problem is in the bend near the base (but do not forget that the wire may be intact, and the electronics inside could... read more

Computer Keyboard Repair

For various reasons, conductive paths keyboard lose their ability to conduct electricity. Damaged areas can be repaired. Let us keyboard. We are looking for damaged areas and find the keyboard. Use a tester see that it is really damaged parts. Damaged in the photo look discolored. In this case, all six tracks is damaged. Will restore the conductive adhesive. If it is dry, his "revive" a few drops of solvent and agitation... read more

Computer Repair

Before you begin troubleshooting your computer when not in use, check for voltage at the mains, repair extension, UPS, if any, outlets and supply cords. Be sure to check the circuit breaker, which is usually located at the top rear of the cabinet, as during cleaning or wiping the dust you could disable it by accident. After a visual inspection of the surface of the computer and check all the contacts connecting wires can go to the internal inspection system unit. To do... read more

Disheveled wire at the base of the iron

Soviet iron is not new, even very, our mothers and grandmothers used such, that's braid at the base and shabby. Unscrew the screw back cover, remove the cover. Remember where they had been bolted onto the wire, unscrew them, we clean to a shine, for a device of this age copper wires are usually black. Then push through the wire in its place through a special elastic band, you can tie a knot, if it fits, but you can like the picture below, the wires connect, fasten them... read more

Dryer Repair

Dryer making noise and was terribly weak blow. Open it and look at what it was. Fan filmed. One can see the motor mount and its axis. In general, hair dryer disassembled, inspected, nothing looks broken or defective is not found. He pulled out a spiral, even the motor disassembled. Replaced the electrolytic capacitor. It turned out that the fan was slipping off the motor shaft and rub on the rear housing. In the central hole axis of the fan... read more

Extension Cord Repair

Extension cord stopped working. Turn it to the network, the LED lights, and electrical appliances, stuck to it do not work. Break it down and find the cause. To do this, unscrew the fixing screws and separate the case into two parts. We immediately see that in one fell off the wire. Strip the attaching wires to solder and solder was qualitative. You can collect and verify. Now the extension... read more

Inflatable Products Repair

Now on sale a lot of rubber products, we often use: cushion for cars, mattresses, children's pools, etc. All of inflatable products, unfortunately, often suffer from external influence (torn, pierced). In this short article, I'll describe how you can repair the air bag. It appeared cut. This is hardly a technique, but let it be and this article. Cushion upholstered in fabric and to preserve a beautiful view of the product attach a patch from the inside. First you... read more

LCD Screen Replacement of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I ordered a Chinese robot vacuum cleaner Lilin LL-A320. Has received, opened, turned on-everything works, drives the dust collects, remote controlled, but only in the corner of the screen has a couple of cracks and bad shows. Reported seller about this shortage. They asked the serial number and sent me a new screen. When the parcel arrived, it turned out that they sent the entire motherboard, because the screen is soldered to it. Fee has successfully replaced and I want... read more

LCD TV Repair

Examine repair the LCD TV Samsung. He ceased to be included. Open the body, we find the power supply. It swollen electrolytic capacitors. Most likely due to the drying and care settings capacitors characteristics have also changed the power supply, therefore, the voltage applied to the input circuit television that is not something that should be. This can be verified by measuring its voltmetrom. Typically, this is 3.3V, 5V, 14V and 12 for different models... read more

Massager Repair

The appearance of the massager: The nozzle was much hang out and knock. Let us massager and look inside. Maybe something went wrong. Unscrew the small pile shurupchikov and remove the vibrating tip. It turns out, torn gum, which was attached to the nozzle. We need to do something like that. Suitable rubber from car camera. Cut out a rectangle of the desired size. Drill holes in the rubber mounting holes... read more

PC Speakers Repair

Virtually all electronic appliances has inside voltage converters. Typically, this transformer. In the columns, which I repaired, this is the spoiled "converter". He is not burned out, as is often the case, and the fall broke holders and lost leads. But in the article, it goes on the reasons for failure, but about what this transformer can be replaced to fix the broken speakers or anything else with a similar malfunction. Columns needed for the AC voltage of the order of... read more

Plug Made of Charger

We pridivannogo lamp broke plug for socket. Generally, it can happen with any household appliance. New plugs at hand was not, and I want to repair the unit and sit by the light - it is necessary to think of something. An urgent need to find a plug socket or something to replace it. Without hesitation, I turned my gaze to the unnecessary charger from some old mobile phones. Case plastic, one-piece, but still made of two halves welded together, it should open with a screwdriver, knife or... read more

Prestigio P-175 Repair

Start a business with the purchase of a faulty monitor in order to fix it, and then happily use it, because I monitor many different mend: Samsung, LG, BENQ, and possibly some more. Well I can not do it with a Russian? Yes easily! That's what I thought at the time. Forget about repairing monitors! In this case, repair the Russian monitor, after overseas was like to sit at the helm of the aircraft, only being able to drive a car. Fault Monitor Monitor not included. According to... read more

Refrigerator Relay Repair

The refrigerator for several years, worked fine, complaints he was not, but was sometimes heard from him quiet crackling of the motor area. Crackled refrigerator, but stopped, and then went to work. Probably half of the year popped before suddenly stopped working. The light was burning inside, and the cold was gone. Open the engine compartment refrigerator and find the cause of failure Outwardly, everything is fine, all the pins are not rusted, not dark, though a... read more

Remote Repair

With time on consoles, some buttons do not work. Especially when used in a kitchen or other "dirty" areas. With this remote stopped working some of the buttons, for example «MENU». Open the console, it needs podkovyrnut latch. There are panels that hold more than latches and screws. Remove the keyboard, here seen a lot of dirt between the keys on both the front and in the field of sensors under the buttons. Due to the quality of the last dirt of the... read more

Repair Iron Steamer

I'll show you an example of iron Bosch. Over time, the operation of the ironing equipment stops working stripping button. Push her, she is forced (with notable resistance), and the steam from the soleplate is not. Well, let's find out the cause and fix it. Analysis iron Unscrew the screw back: Remove the back socket: Remove the two buttons at the top (they are no fixed just pulled together, anything can be neatly podkovyrnut), unscrew the screw that is... read more

Torn Wire Insulation Near the Base

Do dryer torn wire insulation near the base. In such a place mechanical stress during use has accounted for two of the remaining wiring, causing accelerated wear them, and probably, in this place, and they will break. The wires are not completely torn and will not bare the need to secure them. Let's start with the dismantling of the hair dryer. Unscrew the two screws in the handle and a hair dryer opens. We see a wire attached to the bend. If the insulation of... read more

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

When we do a spring cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner hose as a "leash" for which it occurs and to drag the hose is cut off near the base. Do not worry! Try to understand and fix. the technology of mounting The hose itself in a spiral manner and it is simply screwed into the base and placed on the adhesive. So cut the damaged piece of hose, pick out the remains of the base, all is well cleaned from dust and degrease. Align the end of the hose, cutting... read more

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

When we do a spring cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner hose as a "leash" for which it occurs and to drag the hose is cut off near the base. Do not worry! Try to understand and fix. the technology of mounting The hose itself in a spiral manner and it is simply screwed into the base and placed on the adhesive. So cut the damaged piece of hose, pick out the remains of the base, all is well cleaned from dust and degrease. Align the end of the hose..... read more

Brake pad Replacement

Let us change the front disc brake pads on the car Hyundai Getz. To begin with take off the wheel, I hope this problem will not arise. Now we have access to the brake mechanism. Since the new pads are much thicker erased space they will not be enough if you do not push the brake piston inside. He does not move very easily, even hard. Therefore, to remove the caliper it will be more convenient to shoot, leaning into something caliper or brake disc. And it was... read more

Camshaft Replace of CRDI Engine

In the engine many different items, all worn out and sometimes you have to change them. In this article I will discuss how to remove and replace the camshaft and how to reach it in a diesel engine 1.5 CRDI. First you need to remove the engine fuel injectors, how to do it, I wrote in a previous article Removing Common Rail Injector. We have no engine nozzles. Will remove anything that might interfere with the removal of the valve cover. Unscrew the bolts fastening the... read more

Car Tire Repair

If you face problems with tires such as a sidewall cut or «rupture» or any other defect, you don’t have to rush saving money for a new set of tires, as it may appear that your current tires can still be repaired. One of the services offered by many car service centers these days is tire repair. If you noticed an unusual tread wear or some visible damage, it’s worth going to a service center for the tire diagnostics right away. This will help to make the necessary repair at an early... read more

Cleaning DENSO Common Rail Injectors

Any fuel system may eventually become contaminated. In this paper, we consider the diesel injector cleaning Common Rail Denso. In a previous article about diesel engines considered cleaning nozzles Common Rail Bosch for example, CDRI engine and a general description of the operating principle of hydro-electric injectors Common Rail. As a sample for cleaning Denso injector I have 1465A041 from Mitsubishi L200 DID 2.5 with engine 4D56. Its equivalent from Denso: 095000-5600. Just... read more

Common Rail Bosch Injectors Cleaning

There is a problem with the modern diesel engines (and with the other engines) that feed units which inject fuel to combustion chamber are become dirty with the time. This can influence negatively on the engine running and on its start. In this article there will be description of how to deal with injectors Common Rail Bosch (as well you can read article about Common Rail DENSO injectors cleaning). In my case the engine running has not changed significantly but the engine’s start has become... read more

Common Rail Denso Injector Checking

Nozzle is cleaned and assembled (this process is described in the article cleaning nozzles Common Rail DENSO), it remains to show how successfully. Special booth I do not have the machine from which it was removed, either. There is only Japanese and Korean DENSO injector engine CRDI. Is there any way to connect this to the existing engine nozzle? The thickness of thread input fuel channel is the same, the same pitch, so you can connect hydraulically (Photos below... read more

Common Rail Injector Removing

Engine Common Rail Injectors sometimes need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. To do this, they need to be removed from the engine. As I did this I'll discuss in this article. Before you begin. It is important. Some injectors have the correction codes on the amount of fuel injected. Therefore, before removing it is desirable to find out whether they have your injectors. If you have, or are unable to obtain such information, it is best to remember what was where the... read more

Common Rail Injector Working

Hooking up to the diesel injector DENSO engine CRDI. Includes hydraulic injector DENSO. Turning off all injectors with electrical connectors and twist the starter. C « The return " nothing flows . Of course , the test is not perfect and it does not mean that the nozzle is fully intact, but we can say unequivocally that the nozzle is not " killed ". Connect the electrical connectors for all nozzles . The engine is started on the two... read more

Cylinder Head Installation to CRDI Engine

Install the cylinder head-the final stage of repair of the engine. Install the turbine, fasten the exhaust manifold Before installation, remove the head of the remaining oil and other fluids that may be in the place of installation mounting screws. You can rag on a thin screwdriver, you can come up with the recovery unit ... The main thing-to drain so that when tightening the screws all the liquid from reaching the surface of contact of the cylinder head of the... read more

Cylinder Head Replacement of CRDI Engine

Before starting the work will not interfere remove Common Rail injectors, remove all unnecessary with the cylinder head (described Article replacement camshaft of CRDI engine), you can remove lifters, to avoid falling out, but it's not necessary. We turn to the case. First you need to drain the coolant. For that the plug at the bottom of the radiator, substitute the liquid container (in my case, six-liter canister is enough), and only then take off the top cover of the... read more

EGR Valve Cleaning of CRDI engine

A bit of theory. Why do I need it? Valve EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or EGR valve helps the vehicle to become environmentally cleaner (to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides NO and NO 2 , which are formed at high temperatures). Rather than the car, and its exhaust. This product is on a path connecting the exhaust and intake system. His task is to regulate the flow of exhaust gas into the intake manifold. Part of the exhaust gas enters the cylinder along with... read more

How to Change car Wheel for Girl

Dear lady if you suddenly feel that your car is moving from side to side, you should pull over to the curb and stop. Get out of the car and inspect all wheels. Most likely, you will see that one wheel is blown away and you need to replace it. Should not be upset, because every car by default have a spare wheel. And a few options to replace it exist. The First Option Still you are a girl. And every man, if he is a real man, is not being able to refuse a courtesy, as a replacement... read more

Injector Cleaning (With Removing, on the Rail)

For a start we remove the nozzle from the car with the fuel rail into which they are inserted. By the way there is a description of the same cleaning nozzles slightly different method: cleaning nozzles. It is necessary to prepare the fuel rail to create pressure in it, that is to plug the channel return line. I was helped by a metal barrel of furniture-shelf support. Stop up the "return flow" and just in case zamatyvat wire or clamp. Now you can... read more

Injector Cleaning

The idea came to clean the nozzles for a simple reason: a machine weighing about a ton consumed nearly 10 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers as the city and on the highway. While the engine is running smoothly, without stalling, regularly pulling in any frost was got well and everything seems to be well in it. Based on the mileage of about 150,000 kilometers and the assumption that the nozzle was never cleaned (some knowledge of the past owner) decided to pull out and clean the... read more

Oxygen Sensor Clean

Began to deal with the fact that the indicator began to burn «check», then goes off, then back on fire, and the fuel guzzled a lot of machine. Reading the Internet found that this behavior is very similar to the indicator or a sdohshy oxygen sensor, or on its pollution, or both. Since it is not clear what exactly happened to the sensor, then you should try to clean it, and suddenly he's alive? Then do not buy new, and everything will be fine! Removing lambda... read more

Remove Intake Manifold

For removing the intake manifold will drain the coolant (may partly so that its level was below the collector). Described in more detail in the article removing the cylinder head from the engine CRDI. First you need to remove the top plastic cover. Then unscrew the fuel pipes from the fuel line and disconnect the two connectors. Described in more detail in the article... read more

Removing Exhaust Manifold of CRDI Engine

To remove the exhaust manifold need to seriously dismantle the motor to remove the cylinder head, and already then separate the manifold from the cylinder head. In this article, I will describe only the last part, since the rest is written in other articles. The first step is to remove the nozzle, then the valve cover, camshaft, preferably lifters, not to have fallen out. And after all of the above remove the cylinder head. We have a cylinder head with the exhaust... read more

Repair car Audio (Fell off USB Connector)

The man touched his shoulder and carried the USB connector from the board. Connector is not damaged, the board is almost too. With plug came off the track metallization. Open the recorder and take a look inside. Here's seat and the connector itself. He just kept on rations. Fixing method is good, but everything has a limit of strength. Prepare a place for soldering and bonding connector. The connector itself is also smoothed out, c extreme pads tin... read more

Repair car Audio (Volume Control)

Volume knob has ceased to turn down the volume. That is, regardless of the direction of rotation of the volume only increased. Disorder ... Let's open the radio and see what's inside. To do this, unscrew the fixing screws and podkovyrnut back cover. Remove and front cover. To get to the volume control does not prevent us to remove the handle. Usually it is easily removed, but had some trouble here. Someone put it on the sealant. Knob folding, rests on... read more

Repair of Auto Engine Starter

Too many hosts «iron horses» confident that trust repair his car best professionals from the service. Indeed, if there was a break retractor relay coil winding insulation or damaged due to high load, there will not be enough on its own. But it happens that a car enthusiast himself quite capable of finding cause of failure and fix it. One of the situations where the auto repair is not difficult to conduct without the master, is falling into disrepair starter. Needless shortness of... read more

Replace Glow Plugs of CRDI Engine

Glow plugs in diesel cars help cold engines heat the air and fuel mix up to ignition temperatures. This becomes more important during winter due to the freezing cold temperatures. An engine in good condition will ignite without any help from the glow plug when the temperature outside is around -5 °C or higher — I've checked this myself. But when it drops to -8° C or below, things change: the engine gets much harder to ignite, and draining the battery sooner becomes more... read more

Replace Hydraulic Lifters of CRDI Engine

A hydraulic compensator is a hidromechanic device that changes its length and compensates for the thermic gap between the valve and the camshaft. It has two parts: an external cylinder and an internal mobile part propelled by spring. At the entrance of this device there's a valve which consist of a ball pressed by spring. How does the compensator change its length? It's actually a pretty simple process: there's a spring inside the device that gets stretched to its maximum length... read more

Replacing Engine Cushion Mini One

To remove the upper engine mount to unscrew the metal piece, on which rests the engine. But first remove the fuel hose and the plastic holder. Remove the screw that part is fixed to the engine and a Cushion. Remove it. Now Remove the three screws that secure the cushion to the housing and replace the Cushion. To fasten in place that detail that connects the engine to the Cushion and collect other details that we spun and... read more

Spark Plug Cleaning

It began with the fact that from the first machine factory and a second-half second glohla, and already the second attempt was got right. I think the thing in candles, as recently cleaned the injectors and spark if changed, the previous owner, and no one knows when. Usually spark change and all, but I decided to restore it. Been reading the literature vary, basic recovery method - baking. At first it was not clear why, and what it gives, because the candle and so works in the not very... read more

The third brake light is not fully

Many of the cars in time the central brake light stops working partially. Part-"not work" can occur only in the "feet" that contain more than one light-emitting element, such as lamps or 4-6 small number of LEDs. This can be corrected. In this paper, we consider an LED headlamp. To start the headlight does not hurt to remove. Let us examine these things device. Inside there is a board on which a series of 12 LEDs soldered. Some of them do not shine, shine some, but... read more

Throttle Body Cleaning

The throttle regulates the flow of air into the engine cylinders. They are mechanical (control cable from the gas pedal) and electric (controlled by an onboard computer with an electric motor). With a strong pollution flap motor can not get the amount of air, which counts on-board computer is programmed to clean the damper characteristics of the crossing. turn to practice for removing and cleaning the throttle body As a guinea consider a car Mini One 1.6i... read more

Throttle Cleaning of CRDI Engine

The throttle regulates the flow of air into the engine. Over time it becomes dirty and poorly can perform its functions. Because it is contaminated crankcase oil with particles passing through it, and also because the exhaust gases. The output of exhaust gases from the EGR valve is located in the intake manifold just behind the throttle. Symptoms, which can determine the need for cleaning throttle ... I do not know, I can only suggest a partial loss of power at high revs... read more

Timing Belt Replacing of CRDI Engine

Timing-it's gas distribution mechanism, timing belt-one of the most important parts of it, and it can not work without the motor (unless, of course, the engine design involves the use of timing belt). Gas distribution mechanism-a system for those items that provide input at the right time of gases in the cylinder, closing all valves for converting combustion energy into mechanical and gas output-products of combustion. The engine CRDI D3EA timing camshaft and... read more

DIY Tire Compressor Repair

Overload bit burnt compressor motor in the car. Without load it could pump air, but to pump up the wheel could not just stop. Not strong enough motor. It was therefore decided to replace the burned-out motor. Immediately, I note that it is not very cost-justified, the motor is not much cheaper than a new pump, so that the article is for those who like to dig deeper in the art. The motor was ordered on Aliexpress. proceed to repair the compressor Unscrew the four... read more

Tubeless Tire Repair

The main plus chamber wheels - it is an opportunity to repair the road. Among motorists are of the opinion that tubeless tires repaired without the involvement of professionals possible. It is not. In fact tubeless tire repair you can even in the field. Just need to carry in the trunk of a special patch and harness. In the automobile sellers of these materials claim that the repairs on their own, sometimes much better, than shinomontazhkah. Since experts to repair using cheap materials... read more

Turbocharger Cleaning of CRDI Engine

It was decided to disassemble and clean the turbine to see the inside. Suddenly, what should be replaced. How to remove it in stages described in other articles: you remove the nozzle, then the rocker cover, camshaft, it is desirable to lifters, not spilled. And after all of the above remove the cylinder head the exhaust manifold. You may need to remove the exhaust manifold. If rough, then the turbine consists of three parts: a core, "snail" exhaust gas "snail"... read more

Turbocharger Removal of CRDI Engine

For the turbine to half disassemble the engine: remove the nozzle, valve cover, cam and lifters (the latter is not required). And after all of the above to remove the cylinder head together with the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. For the convenience of not interfere unscrew the exhaust manifold from the cylinder head. Next Remove the 4 screws that hold adjacent to the turbine exhaust pipe and remove it. Unscrew the three without problems, and one had to mess around... read more

Valve Honing

We have a cylinder head with new guides, deployed under the new valve and the valve itself, is also new. The contact surfaces are smooth, beautiful, but we need to make them perfectly tight. start lap To inflict lapping the valve a little lapping compound and insert the valve into place. Be careful not to spill lapping compound on the contact surface of the valve and the guide sleeve. If this happens-do not worry, dry the surface and continue. For the first stage... read more

Valves Replacement

To carry out the replacement of valves must to remove the cylinder head, and it is necessary to remove it remove the injectors, remove the valve cover, camshaft and, preferably, remove hydraulic lifters. We have a cylinder head with the exhaust manifold. The collector can be unscrewed so as not to interfere, but it is possible and so remove the valve. Valves are held in such an engine at the usual way, as in most engines, and perhaps in all. The... read more

Windshield Repair

Used in the automotive industry today are two standard auto glass: hardened and three-layer (triplex). In case of accident triplex able to contain fragments of themselves, they do not scatter. Tempered glass is thermally treated, and when they are destroyed, then crumble to pieces instantly. Fasteners for auto-body of the car is made with the introduction of gluing or rubber seal. The first option is used on modern machines, because apart from a secure fit of the glass, this format... read more