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DIY Tire Compressor Repair

Overload bit burnt compressor motor in the car. Without load it could pump air, but to pump up the wheel could not just stop. Not strong enough motor. It was therefore decided to replace the burned-out motor. Immediately, I note that it is not very cost-justified, the motor is not much cheaper than a new pump, so that the article is for those who like to dig deeper in the art. The motor was ordered on Aliexpress. proceed to repair the compressor Unscrew the four fixing screws (photo taken after unscrewing them). Remove the top cover. We reach the interior of unscrewing the motor that keeps the two screws. Electrical scheme is simple: the motor is connected via a switch. Mechanically, too, nothing complicated: the... read more

NES Light gun

Accidentally I saw in toys gun from the game console Dendy. It is always interesting was what was inside, now I know, and I share with readers. It rests on the four screws. Unscrew and open the housing. Behind the lens is a photodiode in the usual case (a very popular housing for the five millimeter LEDs). Then there is a small circuit. "Trigger" includes it. If the photodiode "see" white box (label) on the screen, and the amplifier will "see" it means the game hit the target. The scheme did not take out on a detailed photograph. Objectives copy was not, the goal was to find out how these internal look. ... read more

Snowboard Binding Hiback fix

The author of this masterpiece of repair: Nikolai Pavlovich Hazov. In this section, I published because there is nowhere else, it is not a mobile device in the classic sense, but still it is a portable thing. It would seem that with cracked backdrop (which is also called the highback) have nothing to do except throw mount and buy a new pair. But there is a mind that is realized! First, cut out the layout of the board, examples, and then later made two tin plates are sealed with rivets. ... read more

iPad 2 Wi-Fi Problems

Entered on iPad 2 repair a peeling-screen virtually non-working Wi-Fi. Proceed to disassembly and see what's the matter. First you need to peel a touch screen. If it fits well, it must be warm and to hook around the perimeter of a thin plastic spatula. The author of these lines use a regular plastic card, slightly grind it to the one end it has become acute. It's quite difficult and not a quick operation that requires caution. So do not rush, peel off gently-the sensor is large and thin, it is not difficult to break. And still glued to the screen of the wireless antenna and Bluetooth, which is also bolted to the hull in two places. Otkleivaya, it can break. It is Wi-Fi-antenna slightly to the right front of the round button with a picture of... read more

How to fix a Mouse Wheel

If you have suddenly stopped working mouse wheel (for example, as a result of a fall or any impact). Without prior symptoms of pull is enough page up and down while scrolling while spinning freely, it is likely that this article will help you. Scrolls the mouse wheel Mouse wheel scrolls the mouse, because it broke! In the truest sense, it has fallen off the plastic axis through which the torque is transmitted to the rotation sensor, repair of which is described in another article: mouse wheel does not work. This failure is not a reason to throw away the mouse, if you want 20 minutes-30 tricky (if you go to the store for a new mouse, you probably spend at least an hour). I must say that it is useless to glue, too much of a burden on such a small area... read more

How to Disassemble Colorfly G708

Let us examine the Chinese 7-inch Tablet PC Colorfly G708. So it looks like the front: Back view: Remove the rear upper end cap. She podkovyrivaetsya and removed. Under it we see a connector for MicroSIM-card, as well as a card MicroSD. Just below this cap, we see three screw that hold the rear main cap. Unscrew them and the same podkovyrivaniem will remove the entire back cover. Under the hood we will see a lot of different viscera: the motherboard, battery, camera modules, antenna GPS (top photo-right) Antenna GSM (bottom photo-left). The wiring to the microphone, vibrator and dynamics. The stated capacity of the battery-3000 mAh, among the inscriptions on the battery so you can see the same kind of number... read more

HTC HD2 Touchscreen Replacement

Split the screen on this device. Order a new and will change. The screen went as usual — from China via aliexpress. This copy with an extended battery, so we see the "hump" behind. But the technology replacing the screen is not affected, it is still the first thing izvlechёm battery. Now you can unscrew the screws (hex need a little asterisk) and peel the foil, which is located under the battery-in the rear. Loosened screws-you can remove the device. It is removed from the housing via podkovyrivaniya in its upper part. View from above: Rear view: To replace the screen is enough to disable and remove the motherboard. Connect to it a few loops, including plumes from the sensor and of the... read more

Lenovo P780 Screen Replacement

Crashed on Lenovo P780 screen, so much so that the sensor stopped working, and the LCD remained intact. By the way, collect data in such a failure will help USB OTG-cable (USB On-The-Go-on the one side of the USB plug in the computer, the other mini/micro-USB connector) and the usual USB-mouse. Connect a mouse to the phone-appears on the screen cursor and act. Despite the integrity of the LCD screen the author decided to change the entire assembly (LCD and sensor), because the sensor in the phone the whole area is glued to the LCD screen, that is, to change it need more care when laundering division and LCD screen from residues adhesive, and the adhesive was not connected. Price on the screen assembly is quite acceptable-about $ 30 on Aliexpress. The screen was... read more

Emergency Auto Starter JX-R02

In detail about podobdnom device, read the previous article about Intego AS-0211. A small overview Characteristics, according to the label: Capacity: 30000 mAh. Starting current: 300 A. The maximum current: 600 A. This went in the box. A classic in the box for such devices cover a number of different nozzles inside. "Crocodiles": Seen in the photo above unit in the chain of positive lead? This one: Open and see what's inside. Opens without irreversible changes, rests on the latch on the one hand and on the flexible plastic connector on the other side. Within six parallel connected Schottky diodes 30 A Technical Documentation: STPS30L60CT. Perhaps the diodes to the lithium battery is not being... read more

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