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Renovation in a Bathroom

Renovation in a Bathroom

Everybody has their own expression of ​​a perfect bathroom. It should be noted that a renovation in a bathroom is one of the most difficult and uncomfortable, you will need a lot of effort and patience, if you're contriving a major renovation. You may not take up the renovation yourself, but here you can gather useful information and you will understand what happens when someone else make your home renovation. Simple repair as of replacement of plumbing, paint the walls and ceiling, you can do by yourself, using my recommendations.

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Bath Restoration

Old age tub gets ugly appearance: yellow enamel, dark, color irregularity occurs, rough surface, cracks, sometimes enamel coming off completely and opens rust. It's not a reason to throw out the bath and put a new one, because the very basis of cast iron bath whole, spoiled only covering, and it can be restored. Here I will discuss this reduction. Originally an old bathtub looked like this: Before painting the surface of the bath should be... read more

Bathroom renovation v2

When you start to make repairs in the bathroom, make sure to remember that it will be necessary to comply with the essential requirements at all stages of repair, as they are important elements in the process. This area must be not only functional, but also comfortable, because this is where you can relax after a hard day's work, as well as get fit and positive energy. For this reason the repairs in the bathroom must be done professionally, especially for those who want to make... read more

Bathroom renovation

Before proceeding directly to the repair, you need to prepare a project, clearly identifying where and what will be. You may have to make alterations, shift and expand the area of ​​the wall, or transfer of communication. Residents of small apartments suffer from a lack of space. This can be easily fixed by modifying the location of the walls. But any repairs must not violate applicable laws, for example, to remove or move bearing walls, the existing communication, the making of... read more

Ceramic Tiles Flooring

During repairs, many people in the apartment building used as a ceramic tile floor. This cover looks great in any environment, from the most simple and uncomplicated to expensive. This building material is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. In this paper, we consider the installation of ceramic tiles by hand. For construction work on the laying of ceramic tiles, the following tools: ruler, rubber mallet, trowel, grout crosses, laser level, building level, special... read more

Gas Heater Install

First you need to prepare the site for installation of water heater. In my case, you must remove the old heater. The reason for replacement: light always goes out, tired of running to kindle it. Removing the old water heater The hardest thing in removing the old water heater — is unscrew the gas pipe, of course, if it is not connected modern gas hose, and connected with steel pipes that connect round sockets without faces, fixed nut, and even painted on top of it... read more

Gas Heater Membrane Replacement

Column sort regularly work with include gas when the water is heated by the combustion gas. But it so happened that she became a long time off. That is, turn off the water, and a large flame burns more seconds 5-8, after gradually fade. The water boils in the heater, the internal pressure is increased, it is terrible in general. After reading the internet came to the conclusion that something is wrong with that node, which turns on and off the gas when passing water... read more

Shelves in Niche

What happens is that for all sorts of everyday items is not enough space, and in the niche bathroom or toilet has an unused void. This void can be filled with household objects, to attach to the walls of a few shelves. To do this you need: a few planks size you want, metal corners, fasteners and tools. Consider the attachment to the concrete wall. Initially, choose the location and number of shelves and make marks on the wall. Harvest the necessary size of... read more

Suspended Ceiling in Bathroom

Tools required: hammer, hammer, screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer, saw, level, tape measure, skobozabivochny gun, knife, drill wood, drill for concrete and wood, sealant gun, miter box. Materials: wooden bar 5x4, metal hanger, HAMMER, screws, PVC panels, brackets, silicone white spotlight tape. Sequence of work: Cut a few wooden bars on the same size, for the resettlement framework of the future ceiling. On one brusku fastened to the opposite wall, with a few set... read more