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Renovation of a Kitchen


A kitchen is a place where was created culinary masterpieces. This is a place where a family meets in the evenings. The kitchen should be comfortable and cosy. The weekdays will be more comfortable, safer and more aesthetic as of the kitchen would be pleasant and better.

Here you will find information about how to make yourself anything as:

  1. Plaster and putty of walls.
  2. Installing ceiling coverings.
  3. Wiring, installation of switches and sockets.
  4. Mounting venting system.
  5. Flooring.
  6. Replacement door and window frames.
  7. Plumbing.

If your kitchen is well made that it would please you for many years.

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Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen

Apartment repair - troublesome, requires patience, skill and some serious spending. You can certainly trust the repair to professionals, but there is a less expensive option - to repair their own hands. Many people know how pokleit wallpaper, but how to put the tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen? To some this may seem very complex, but there are those who will help the detailed procedure for laying ceramic tiles. Let's begin! To get started, you need a tool: the level spreader... read more

Door Soft Close

The hinges on the doors of kitchen cabinets doors are fixed in the closed and open positions. If you do not bring the hand up to the door closed position, but at least a little to close to the door itself, it begins to rattle. To the doors of kitchen cabinets are not clapping, and close smoothly and quietly invented a special shock absorber, which "catches up" before closing the door - its resistance reduces the speed and slowly releases it to the closed state. When opening the door... read more

Drawer Soft Close

Closer boxes theory There are lots of kitchen drawers that are pushed almost silently and gently. No matter how you tried to slam them. This helps them closer, which picks up the box just before the end of the road, slow it, if it goes quickly and smoothly pushes through. The modern furniture such devices are installed initially, and not the newest of them can not be, but they can be put, which we discuss in this article. Buy closers sliding drawers can be in some stores or... read more

False Ceiling for Kitchen

Modern systems slatted ceilings can be seen in various public places, cafes and bars, swimming pools and gyms, hotels, offices, kitchens, porches, and in bathrooms and toilets. The increased popularity of suspended ceilings means that consumers have appreciated their performance properties and aesthetic appearance. The advantages of this model, the roof ceilings are:   wide range of colors for use in a variety of interiors. speed of installation and simplicity of the device... read more

Kitchen Renovation v2

The kitchen has a special burden in any home. Daily cooking, humidity, various sources of odors and more characterizes the room and its importance and function. Therefore, the kitchen renovation to be carefully considered, bearing in mind not only the aesthetics, but also the practicality of the subject. Room design. Kitchen space has individual characteristics and the number of square meters. Regardless of this fact, it is necessary to foresee the number of steps, the results of... read more

Kitchen Renovation

Before you begin to repair kitchen facilities, we recommend to change the water pipes. Then change the electrical wiring. Install it from this type of wire to all electrical appliances (electric stove, dishwasher, washing machine and other household appliances, kitchen lighting, ventilation, etc.) to work properly, and the total power of all the equipment does not exceed the permitted capacity of the wire. Plan, where it would be located, and with this in mind, decide where and how many... read more

Kitchen Suspended Ceiling

Have long been known for hanging or suspended ceilings. But not only do they give the room a beautiful appearance, but also a means to hide the communications. But you yourself can set ceilings. To speed up and simplify the work, divide it into several steps. They will be simple enough to execute. Cooking room To get started, you need to prepare the area in which you have decided to place the suspended ceiling. Easier to do once the ceiling throughout the apartment or... read more

Kitchen cases on the walls of plasterboard

We consider the most interesting case: you have to hang on the wall of lockers drywall, its thickness is not known what kind of drywall is also unknown. Take a long plank, about a centimeter thick, but a little wider, better plywood. Chipboard and ordinary tree can crack. To cabinets hung exactly fasten the bottom one more of the same thickness. But I'm taking DSP, another I was not. Fasten our board for the entire length of the hanging... read more

Refacing Kitchen Cabinet

The first thing you notice in any kitchen, this surface: steel appliances, granite countertops, new hardwood floors. But if you think, the very first catches the eye that is located at eye level, and almost always is - cabinets. And the most eye-catching surfaces are cabinet doors. However, to the doors of the kitchen cabinets are often treated simply as a functional tool. It's not too interesting decor items, of course, if you do not make it so. Small reface, and your cabinets will stand... read more