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Wooden Parquet Flooring

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Parquet has long considered the most beautiful and popular flooring. Despite the changes of fashion and come to market with new finishes, the coating does not give up its position - it is surprisingly fits in any environment, it can be used successfully in a variety of residential and public buildings. Pros parquet overestimated - is beautiful appearance, durability, strength, warmth, ecology and, of course, is the opportunity to decorate any style. In this paper, we consider the options parquet.

Wooden Parquet

Substrate. Plywood on joists

In preparing this way it is possible to reverse the relatively large differences in elevation, to lay additional heat and noise insulation (basalt slab between logs), hide all communications, not zamurovyvaya them in cement and not the outside.

The disadvantages are the relatively high price (compared to the screed), but this deficiency should not be taken into account when the finishing layer is parquet or wood block flooring, glued to plywood - these coatings still require an additional layer of plywood.

For roll coating to laying two layers of plywood that leads to higher ground. Also, this method requires some skill and experience. First clears the ground, remove debris, if there are visible hills, better to remove them, because in the future they might interfere set lags. We need to find the highest point. It starts from the level of your floor. Along the walls, you can identify the level of lag. Lay a polyethylene film to the substrate, fixing and plants on the walls. You can use waterproofing mastics.

layout space

Lay the joists or across the room, leaving the distance between them is not more than 40cm. The greater the load on the base - the smaller the gap. It is better to err in advance, can serve as a subfloor for several types of coatings in the future, if you go with the time change it. If you see an obvious mound, that is to vote the board, reducing the distance between it and the previous one. Distance is calculated so that the edges of plywood sheets were based on logs. Between them lay the insulation. Begin plank plywood attaching it with screws. Leave the technological gap between the plywood and the walls and between the sheets. Should take the birch plywood with a minimum thickness of 15 mm. Flooring laid floating method, one layer is enough. Followed by clean floor. Decking roll and flexible coating surface is flat and needs without joints, otherwise they will be seen over time. To do this, putty the gaps left to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity in the tree and put a second layer of plywood, securing with glue for wood and fastened with screws to the first, with an offset sheet (joints must be different). On the top layer can be used birch plywood and pine needles, smaller thickness (6-12 mm). Before decking flooring clearances carefully zashpaklevyvayut and sanded plywood. You can make subsequent work.

types of flooring

Modern flooring is of several types: floating, art, piece, inlaid, shield, solid and parquet board. Most commonly used piece and artistic, with the ability to combine different types of wood and create beautiful images. In addition, to date, very fashionable flooring is laminate, which consists of several layers, so having a great practical and decorative qualities.


Depending on the general requirements that apply to the floor covering, and interior design selected material of wood used for the manufacture of the coating. For example, the most long-lasting and durable wood is walnut, oak, pine, larch and cherry. Bamboo and oak to create stunningly beautiful, but, unfortunately, short-lived finish. Each type of wood has its specific color and structure of the wood. If desired, you can pursue is placed in any color - from yellow-white to dark brown, and various shades of purple and red.

Parquet made of wooden planks, the width of which varies from three to nine inches, and the length - from ten to fifty. The individual elements are combined, using the grooves and ridges, located on them. Because parquet - is the highest category flooring, laying and operation of special requirements. Decking boards or plywood warrants. It laid on concrete floor, which was previously covered with waterproofing material.

types styling

There are several types of installation: "Deck", "thong", "Tree", "square", "ladder", "carpet" and "twist". Today, the most fashionable way is the "deck", which are separate boards of different lengths, which are placed in the direction of the window. This allows you to visually reduce the length of the joints. And also quite common type of installation is a "Christmas tree." To avoid the usual standards in the design of the "lower wall" used triple, double and mixed "Christmas tree." Braided structure resembles woven products, such as a vine. Stacking "ladder" into a "Christmas tree", only with the ends cut parquet slats at certain angles. Often when installing this type of use, as a square. He is a square within which the drawings. When laying the "Vietnamese" turns like interlocking slats. Some of them are arranged parallel to the window opening, so they look bright, the other - the dark, due to a perpendicular position. If we apply the pruning of individual strips, you can make this type of presentation as "carpet". Usually use it to decorate a small room.

After finishing laying flooring sanded and tsiklyuyut to remove irregularities and possible contamination. Recently, this is done using a special scraper machine. Grinding equipment works quietly and with a minimum of dust workspace. Sanding - is the first stage of processing. Then follows Shpatlevanie remaining small gaps, and then - final polishing, eliminating even the smallest bumps. The last step is to apply multiple coats of varnish.

Wooden Parquet («paluba»)
Wooden Parquet («paluba»)

Parquet to quality and long remained in good shape, you need to carefully follow him and in time to repair, if necessary. The most common methods of recovery are: repair of individual sections, replacing worn rails and perestilanie coverage unserviceable. Defective strip carefully removed from the nest, without affecting adjacent, then repaired and dry substrate using glue fix a new one. When swelling and getting wet parquet first cut down the affected area, then dried and new board attached to the base, using glue or asphalt mastic. If the boards are formed between small gaps, they need zashpatlevat. When the big cracks and defects that can not be corrected, it would be necessary parquet perestelit again. The renovated part of the floor sanded and tsiklyuyut to the surface to get a smooth and even.

Plasma will shine and have excellent decorative qualities, if carefully treated. Finishing includes varnishing. This floor looks very cool and easy enough for him to look after his waxed or special pastes that are applied on a clean floor. Today, however, the most common coating is a varnish. It is best to apply it to the prepared floor, starting to work with the remote end of the room, closer to the door. Then, after hardening lacquer surface lightly sanded and applied another coat of varnish. Varnished floor repair is recommended every five years. Emergency repairs, if necessary, required to be done before the coating has not lost its attractive appearance.

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