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Ceiling Wallpaper

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Taping ceiling wallpaper will give your apartment a holistic look, lead to the same type design. Wallpapering the ceiling is not such a hard task, but to start it's better together.

Tools and materials that we will need to work with: wallpaper, wallpaper glue, stepladder, dishes glue, pencil, tape measure, scissors, brush, sponge, roller and sandpaper.

wallpaper on ceiling

If you decide to paste over the walls and ceiling, you start with the ceiling.

Identifying the right wallpaper. Typically, ceiling wallpaper are distinguished by their density of those glued to the wall. Very often, they have a stamping which can hide some minor irregularities and defects ceiling.

wallpaper on ceiling with embossed

Good wallpaper (wallpaper medium thickness) are subject to color and can last up to 10 years. Cheaper will last no more than 5 years, plus they can be stretched and hung from the ceiling. Recommended flizilinovye or vinyl wallpaper, based plastics - polyvinyl. Clay is selected according to the instructions (see the roll). If such instructions are not available, use the "Moment Extra" or other adhesive for heavy wallpaper. Wallpaper paste for ceiling is not suitable.

he same wallpaper on ceiling and on alls

Next, you need to prepare the surface for pasting: remove old wallpaper, when the ceiling was a whitewash - it will wash off if the ceiling is painted - make sure that the paint does not peel off anywhere. If possible, align the surface: Seal all cracks putty.

Do not forget to turn off the electricity and remove all the lights!

wallpaper on ceiling in center

Cut the sheets. Please note that the joints of sheets on the ceiling joints must meet sheet on the wall. If you choose wallpaper with a pattern, then you will need more time and skill to carry out his plan. The main difficulty is to figure coincide, and therefore part of the wallpaper to be clipped (keep this in mind, the expense could increase significantly wallpaper). With the self-colored wallpaper with a simple pattern or much less fuss.

So, you are ready to work!

Cut the wallpaper along with a margin of 4-5 cm zagotovte several bands. Cheap wallpaper will probably need to be given time to impregnation glue about 10 minutes. In the case of expensive wallpaper adhesive can be applied directly to the ceiling. Take the front page, it promazhte glue. Gently fold the strip of glue inside. Begin to glue, holding the rest of (the one that folded) with a mop. Keep a dry cloth to remove any excess glue. The sheets are glued wallpaper from window to door. Glue the front page, starting from the corner and leveling the surface as you go. That the joints were less noticeable, it is recommended to have the strip perpendicular to the window. Smooth out the need for special wallpaper roller, drawing from the middle to the edges. When they reached the place of the output wires are stuck in the hole and pull the strip wires for lighting. After pasting the entire ceiling can install a chandelier in place and close the slot trim strip. Wallpaper to stick with windows and doors closed and in the next days and avoid drafts and artificial land, which can lead to peeling and other adverse consequences.

The same wallpaper on ceiling and walls

That's all can be proud of their work!

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