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How to Disassemble auto parts

Cylinder head of CRDI engine

How to Disassemble auto parts

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Air Flow Sensor

'll Disassemble the air flow sensor (English Mass Air Flow Sensor), also known as flow of air from the diesel engine CRDI D3EA 1.5. Part: 28164-27500, an analogue of Bosch: 0281002528. You can order, for example, here. So it looks like: Otkovyryali top cover, it sits on the sealant. Inside we see the processing scheme, potted himself MEMS sensor placed in the channel for air (MEMS-microelectromechanical systems it). More close-up, click... read more

Common Rail Denso Injector From Nissan

Code nozzles from Nissan: 16600-AW40A. Code injectors on catalogs of manufacturers (Denso): 095000-5130. Externally, apart from having two calibration contacts, nozzle looks just like Denso injector from Mitsubishi. In the photos below you can see that these two gauge pins are connected with a certain device inside that tells the engine calibration information. Further personal guess the author of these lines on the basis of information from the global network on this... read more

How to Disassemble ABS Unit

It looked like a block initially, after loosening the mounting screws: Next look at this same block that has already been dismantled. Let us examine it again. The block together with the fastener. Unplug the connector from the block. Remove the mounting bracket. Open the back cover. Motor cover held by two screws, and sealant. Otkovyrivaem unscrew the screws and cover. Here it is-the... read more