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Let us examine the hard drive SATA 2.5 "from the laptop.

So it looks like:

Hard Drive SATA 2.5-inch notebook from

View from below:

Hard Drive SATA 2.5 inches from the laptop, the view from the bottom

Turn off the controller (it is held by three screws kind of "star") and remove it.

SATA Hard Drive 2.5 inches from the laptop, the controller card is removed

The controller is a separate screen:

Hard Drive SATA 2.5 inch from the controller noutbukab

Unscrew the screws, "star" of the top cover and remove it (one was under the label).

Hard disk SATA 2.5 inch from the laptop, the top cover removed

Turn off the mount disks and remove them and not only.

Hard Drive SATA 2.5 inches from the laptop, remove the disc

This CD was junk. But if you understand working in a normal room environment, the more likely it will become non-functional. Dust will fly in, will begin to appear broken sector ... Inside should be the ideal purity. Perhaps there inside, and air was not, and for example, nitrogen-an inert gas, or helium as a Western Digital.

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