Main Improvement Improvement in a Car

Improvement in a Car

Improvement in a Car

In this section I will consider a various car improvements, such as the installation of glove compartment light.

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Articles of this section:

Glove Compartment Light

The absence of light in the glove box does not interfere in the day time, which is not to say the evening and even at night, especially if you need to find some small Circuits. The idea is not new, many machines placed, well, in my-no. Gave me an excuse to tinker, and I did ... The basis illumination took odnovattnye white LEDs, 3 pieces. Connected in series with a current limiting resistor in a circuit. The voltage drop on one white LED to 3.5 V, so the total voltage drop... read more

Heating Mirror for Hyundai Getz by own Hands

In rainy or snowy weather while driving mirror mirror throws various sediments, which prevents the review in the daytime, and at night so generally only visible glowing lights machine that practically does not provide information about road conditions. And just before you go in the winter or in the rain often mirror coated water droplets or ice crust, forcing me to run and an ice scraper this disadvantage is eliminated. That's why a great power, "my laziness" made the mind to think how to... read more

Improve Glass Washer

To lavage was applied to the glass immediately after the motor washer inlet hose must always be completely filled. In normal construction Getz liquid is constantly leaving the pipe rear window washer, as well as flows from the front window washer hose when the tank is little liquid. This drawback is easily inserted into the system to remove the washer valves. I ordered valves Toyota (part code: 85321-26020). One set back between the door and body, there already was a regular... read more

Improve Window Lifter at Getz

In the car Hyundai Getz with electric window provides automatic lowering and lifting the glass to the driver's door. But not all cars is implemented, it depends on the configuration. Many implemented automatic glass only move down. I'll tell you how to make a revision to the window Getz, after which the glass will not only automatically go down, but up. First you need to loosen the screw in the pocket of the driver's door near the buttons, then pull out the insert with... read more

Luggage Boot Illumination

Established in the trunk lights Getz - a small bowl on the left with a lamp 5W. The light is not very good, you can put a light bulb and 10W, but also of much better not be. Dark night with such illumination can distinguish large objects, and small - not really. All this has led to different ideas about creating more quality illumination. From what make the backlight? Thoughts were many: fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs, LEDs ... But they still need somewhere to... read more

Seat Heater Installation at Hyundai Getz

Winter in a cold car like heat, especially in the morning until the morning let go "cold" state of the organism. Heated seats well solves this problem, and if it is not, you can order it aliexpress and independently establish what and discuss in this article. Scheme: Order heaters in China for two seats reinforced with carbon fiber, the installation by bonding under the covers, the connection to the electrical circuit from the ignition fuse that came in the kit. ... read more