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Improve Cartridge 121 for Deskjet Printer

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Hole in the small ink chamber
Hole in the small ink chamber
Hole in the small ink chamber

Camera combined fill their jaws. In the small chamber sponge return home, and in the empty space to cram some foam, preferably finely as the original. If there is not anything like that, then sponge for washing dishes will go on personal experience verified.

Empty containers stuffed with foam

New sponge is necessary to moisten the ink, soak, crush to wet. This posudomoynaya sponge did not want to soak up the ink itself, had to help her.

Now glue the cartridge. Place the cover correctly, and you can not install the cartridge in the printer. Two side on one line-rear, one thicker rim-front, over contacts. If opened carefully, all just missed glue made, wait and get a leakproof seam. If you do not happen very carefully disassembled, the first step is the same as glue, then embeds the remaining holes, for example, thick epoxy. The photos below from the usual visible seam glue and "putty" Epoxy.

121 cartridge glued
121 cartridge glued
121 cartridge glued

Fill the ink cartridge if not yet complete.

Top holes we glue tape or duct tape, but not completely, that was originally discovered to be left open to allow air to enter the cartridge as the level of ink.

Top 121 cartridge taped

Install the printer and try to print something. If prints with gaps, the cartridge need to blow it out. Create an overpressure inside the nozzle to a few ink droplets fell. You can pump your mouth can, as you prefer. From my experience purging-the most efficient and fastest way to recover the cartridge nozzles. No soaking and other methods did not give such a result.

Now this cartridge will print much longer. The print head is significantly lacking more than one original charge.

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