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Shelves in Niche

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I'm sorry for not perfect english. In time I'll do a good quality translate. If you could not get anything please feel free to contact me in comments. I will answer you as soon as possible.

What happens is that for all sorts of everyday items is not enough space, and in the niche bathroom or toilet has an unused void.

Pustaya nisha
Pustaya nisha

This void can be filled with household objects, to attach to the walls of a few shelves. To do this you need: a few planks size you want, metal corners, fasteners and tools.

Consider the attachment to the concrete wall.

Initially, choose the location and number of shelves and make marks on the wall. Harvest the necessary size of the board or plywood.

Next, drill two holes for mounting corners (so that they are consistent with two holes near the bend angle), bottom mount will not, because there will be loads.

Hole in the concrete wall corners
Hole in the concrete wall corners

In the pre-made holes in the concrete hammered smeared with white glue a piece of wood. Instead of anchors. With the plugs I did not succeed, because they need a hole of a certain size, and I have a very good wall crumbles and each hole is obtained from the unique shape and its size. In addition, it will be easier to get a screw in the right place to hang corners smoothly.


If a wooden "plug" does not fit entirely into the wall, then just break off her. You can apply a more accurate way - cut off at the bottom.

In the wall turned 4 "plug" for one drawer. Now fasten the brackets to the wall with screws.

Ugolki attached to stene

Put a blank on our shelf brackets and place a pencil mark in front of the holes.

Pomechaem place sverleniya

Next on the labels will be drilled. To reinforce good enough shelf 4 holes.

Chetyre label under otverstiya

The holes drilled from the top of the drill more to hide in this place head cap screw or screws.

Rassverlennye mounting holes for mounting the head elementa

I bolts with countersunk head was found, and run after them did not want to, so secured the shelves on the screws.

A wood screw to hold it was not for that, so they clocked up a dowel and cut off the ends neatly.

mounting flange screws and wall plugs
Zakreplennaya polka

And so with each shelf.

Tri shelves in the formerly empty nishe

You can refine a little shelf, papered with their oilcloth. A place to put everyday items ready.

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