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Apartment Cosmetic Renovation

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The eternal problem that bothers owners of apartments, houses and a tenant of residential premises, is how to make a comfortable living space with a decent appearance, without spending a huge amount of cash. Everyone who has ever done major repairs, knows how it devastates a family budget, often will drive into debt. So before you decide on such an important step, it is necessary to begin to assess the situation. Take a look at the state of the room - you are sure that it really is necessary to thoroughly transform? Or maybe you can get off the usual facelift?

Kosmetichesky repair kvartiry

Redecorating - a collection of works, allowing a fairly short period of time to repair your apartment with a limited use of funds. The dream of a cozy family nest with minimal capital investment will become a reality! Especially, refresh the situation, to give it a new character is always useful. After all, new pleasant sensations in the gray everyday life of our help not to lose heart and to keep a positive outlook on life.

Do I need a Cosmetic Renovation?

Thus, the state space is estimated to be remaking the following factors. Firstly, the walls and ceiling. If they are sufficiently smooth, no significant defects on the surface, their curvature is not pronounced, in this case we can speak about the face lift. Master, having work experience does not take much to fix some problem areas and visually hide the flaws. And you yourself, for example, bad flaw can hide the picture to get a piece of furniture, such as a shelf or hanging glass shelf. Not very smooth slope near a window, you can hide draped curtains. The roughness of the ceiling to clean properly organized lighting. If you submitted a picture, while it did not cause rejection and the effect can not be clumsy and, in this situation, redecorating can be very useful.

Update the floor

The next important factor that requires careful analysis, it is the floor. If it does not creak, does not sink and has a fairly flat surface in places that are not cluttered with furniture, why contrive his capital mess, if you can just choose to taste linoleum and freshen it up. New flooring, bright colors in combination with a soft rug will breathe a little space in warmth and comfort. By the way, instead of the linoleum floor can be covered with carpet. Today, specialty shops will help to find the appropriate mix of quality and price of the product, the purchase of which will remove the pronounced defects and fill the house with warmth.


The next step - the windows. May not need to change the whole window. For example, you live far away from the noisy road in a residential area of ​​town, so nothing to protect themselves from the dust and noise are no reasons. Why do empty and such expensive costs? Buy at your local store construction chemical solution to remove the old paint, putty bank to eliminate irregularities, sandpaper to smooth out the surface and, if necessary, insulation. Little effort - and the window looks new and refreshed. If necessary, you can substitute part of the window glass.


And the finishing touch - painting. Two brushes and a can of white paint will make a miracle! The same work can be done during the restoration of the door. Imagine yourself a famous painter and restorer, to the process did not have an exhausting character. Much attention in the presence of minor repairs take a mirror surfaces. Just one web mirroring wall to primarily close a defect in the wall and to expand the space visually. Keep your ceiling chandelier that will illuminate all of its irregularities. Organize wall lighting with the necessary warm yellow light. This is another technique to get the most out of redecoration.

Let's summarize. Freshly painted walls or wallpaper sticked new bright colors in combination with a soft floor on which one wants to tread. Second, the "new" window, the white tulle framed by heavy curtains. Try to fill your room with all sorts of textiles: cushions in bright colors, plaid, small towels and other small items. Another tip - do not place anything in the expensive furniture. For a sense of freedom is quite pastel sofa, a small table, glass shelves and plenty of greenery.

So, as you can see, redecorating - it's a very good offer for families with average income. It can do both his hands and use offers those skilled in the art. A lot of construction companies provide their services and can provide some very useful tips to help you to organize your space.

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