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Hallway Floor Repair

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Hallway - it's one of those places apartments, which can be called the "face" of the home. That hallway sees a man first stopped by for a visit to the owner of the apartment, it was in the hallway can relax by the owner of the apartment when he comes home. Entrance hall to the apartment so very, very much, and she depends on many elements. One such element is the floor in the hallway.


When a man comes home, he brings it in dirt and dust. Drops of rain, soil, sand - it all comes together in the house with the man himself. Naturally, the biggest hit in this case takes on the floor. That is why the hallway floor must be strong, intractable moisture, and it should not be too quick to wear a visitor steps apartment.

Repairing floor apartment should be before the repair to identify all the main aspects of the future of flooring. Material exists for the set, and the choice depends on the particular material and the technology of repair. If the new floor covering will be a linoleum or laminate, then there is no need to remove the old paint if it is still "holds." That is, if the floor of the hallway was a durable fiberboard or similar material, and if he remained in good and due form, it is not necessary to remove it to put a new floor covering. If the owners want to use housing as a ceramic tile floor, the dismantling of the old coating is inevitable.

The choice of material for the floor depends. It is important to not only use material that will be reliable and durable, it is also important to take into account the hallway colors, as well as the desires and tastes of the owners of the apartment. Certain materials have their advantages, but also have disadvantages. In particular, the tiles are very easy to clean and to clean, it does not stay on the dirt, and it is waterproof. Therefore, if you need a floor that will not absorb moisture, it is best to choose a tile. But not everyone likes such coverage, especially since it does not always fit the interior of the apartment and hallway. Wooden flooring can look much more noble, but it will absorb moisture and wash it much more difficult. However, if care for flooring, it is possible to avoid such problems.

Keramicheskaya plitka

The design must take into account the gender dimensions of the hall, and especially the furniture that will be located in it. Ceramic tile looks great with wood furniture, but it is not always the same as the other elements of the interior. Often, sex is used to create the illusion of more space, forming its lateral or diagonal strips of any material.

It should also be borne in mind that the color of the floor covering will determine the light intensity and the hallway. Too bright colors enhance the room, making it more strict, and filling it with light. But if the apartment does not match the design of this area, you should not make the hall "black sheep", as it is part of the apartment, albeit a bit peculiar.

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