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Old Apartment Renovation

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The cost of parquet and plank may vary significantly-it all depends on the type of wood. Naturally, ash, walnut or oak less expensive than exotic mahogany and merbau.

For those who want to make their unusual and original interior, the designers have created a unique leather tiles and cork flooring-these materials are expensive, but justifies its cost in full.

For the walls has been for many decades, often used wallpapers that look great in any environment-both classic and contemporary. As you know, it is better not to save the wallpaper-the higher the cost, the better the quality, so they last longer retain their original color and properties.

With all due respect to wallpaper it is worth noting that the plaster and paint a much more practical materials for the repair and restoration in terms of decor. In addition, working with them requires no special skills, and any errors can be quietly corrected.

As for the ceiling, the most popular variant of their registration to date is the use of gypsum board, of which create a multi-level design with built-light sources. Such surfaces can be painted, strap a variety of materials, or hang wallpaper. No less demand and ceilings that will ensure a perfectly flat surface. It is worth noting that afford such a method can not finish landlords with low ceilings, as the suspension and tension structures conceal 7-8 cm when repair is performed using a plaster mixtures. Also on the ceiling can pokleit paintable wallpaper.

heat and light

Since renovation in the old apartment, you need to come to terms with the idea that wooden windows have served faithfully for decades, will need to be replaced with modern window designs, equipped with sealed windows and special seals between the doors and the frame, keeping you warm and protect from drafts. The cost of plastic windows is dependent on the type of profile and sealed, and the quality of the used hardware. Of course, the cost of replacement windows throughout the apartment will be quite expensive, however, these products will last for many years, keeping the unique atmosphere in the room and guarding against external influences.

If the profile is white does not fit into the overall design concept, it is possible to laminate. Modern materials mimic the texture and color of the different types of wood, metal and stone.

To avoid problems in the operation of window designs, it is desirable to trust their installation experienced professionals.



A significant role in the design project has a light script. From how and what will be covered, as well as the correctness of switches and light sources depends largely on comfort apartment dwellers. To accurately calculate the lighting, the designers have resorted to using special software. This issue, without doubt, is solved together with a specialist, or to completely trust his experience.

Unusually look different experiments using light levels-the built-in lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps. Switches is recommended to get a built-in dimmer, which allow you to adjust the light intensity (however, they will not work with most of the energy-saving lamps). If necessary, excess light can always be turned off, so the more there are, the better.

In the matter of selection of lighting is not pronounced fashion-as before, the relevant customary ceiling chandeliers (especially in the design of classic interiors) that emphasize space and decorate the room. Chandelier always focuses on the attention, so choose it worth taking into account the proportions of the room.


Again to top

Once thought to be colors, accessories and decoration materials, require preparation of detailed estimates. It will help in the design of the document prepared in advance by a design project, which reflects the full range of explications, plans and specifications for the apartment. Must take into account all the little things-the cost of doors and windows, electrical and plumbing, decoration materials, furniture, accessories, and equipment. It is worth noting that the final figure is always a bit higher than the actual price, as it is often impossible to calculate some positions with absolute precision.

For information about the current cost of materials is always possible to find in fresh logs building subjects or other periodicals. There you can find the contacts of construction firms and organizations, simultaneously comparing the prices of different types of work performed.

Experts recommend to rely on for all repair and construction issues to professionals who are familiar with all the subtleties and nuances of the business. They will help you avoid common mistakes to choose the right tools and materials, as well as intelligently distribute even the most modest budget.

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