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Old Apartment Renovation

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Each owner of a private living area is well known that the repair cost is not the most expensive supplies or services workers and its own nerve cells that die in huge numbers at the sight of the chaos reigning around. To repair the apartment does not become a disaster for him to prepare thoroughly beforehand.

Spontaneous acquisition of building materials and self carry out works in the hope of a more or less tolerable result, rarely have a positive outcome. Thoughtful and serious citizens of professionals who are engaged in interior design, it is recommended to remember that in the apartment after the repair work still have to live.

Staraya kvartira

To make your life more comfortable, you should start not with a study of fashion catalogs and booklets of building supermarkets and consider the interior, taking into account their own needs and financial capabilities. Do not forget that the design of the room will have to contemplate every day for several years, as fix bugs in the design of the room often have neither the strength nor the desire.

Let's try to determine what is to be done before you begin repairs in the apartment.

Orientation to the countryside

First of all, it is worth understanding what features are available in the apartment, as it will be used in the future, and what work will be done in the course of repair. Most cause for concern arises from the owners of the old housing stock. Buying a "Stalin", "Khrushchev" or a private home, the age of which exceeds half a century, is to ask the previous owners, whether an indoor overhaul, whether there was reconstruction of parts of the building, which used the overlap and so on.

According to experts, the most common problems of old housing is worn wiring, waste utilities (heating, water, sewage), as well as the inability to establish a modern system of air-conditioning and heating. High repair costs in these flats due to the fact that the owners have to change the wiring to the panel, to acquire radiators and buy a new one instead of corroded plumbing.

Abroad fashionable trend is to preserve the history of the old house, the restoration of the original structural parts and the use of appropriate age of finishing materials. It is possible that the idea of ​​leaving intact interior of the past and love to you. So, making the plan work in the acquired "old" apartment, carefully evaluate the finishing materials used previous owners-it is possible that they are of considerable value. For example, if the floor is made of rare woods, then, if possible, it is better to restore rather than replace-it will add extra hype in the design of a renovated room. Owners of older brick buildings are able to make room in the fashionable style of the post-industrial, removing old plaster, which will expose the brickwork.

It is important to consider what work will be done in the first place (replacing the wiring, communication, alignment of walls, ceiling, sound insulation), and that needs correction, alteration or replacement. As you know, the wrong sequence when performing repair work may cause global alterations that lead to loss of time and money. For example: change or repairing old cracked windows and balcony doors need to how to cosmetic repairs in the room, otherwise it will have to be repeated.

ratio desired and possible

After planning a "draft" of the work can be completely surrender to the creative process, and approached the imagination and fantasy, provide the perfect design renovated apartment. Properly designed interior should be designed to the last detail-from the color schemes and finishing with the selection of lighting for each functional area. All aspects should be reflected in the design project, which had the foresight many trusted professionals. The average cost of design services to 300 rubles per square meter of a planned space, but the costs, as a result, completely paying off. The customer receives the drawing, which reflects all possible redevelopment rooms, electrical wiring, location lighting, and sets out recommendations for the finishing materials that can be used to design the floor, ceiling and walls.

It is very important in the development of the design project of the options to choose the most successful, and then do not feel sorry for funds to implement it, because such a decision would maximize the hidden potential of even a small room.

Designers recommend investing major resources in the most significant items, and save on less essential. For example, the walls of the room design with bright, fun accents (paintings, photographs, posters) will decorate the walls without using expensive wallpaper. The interior, despite its apparent simplicity, you get quite crowded. You can save on other materials-super expensive Italian tiles can be successfully replaced by the ordinary Russian, while the interior of the bathroom did not suffer.

from the ceiling to the floor

By choosing the most successful design solutions for your apartment, it is very desirable to get acquainted with a variety of materials, which offers a modern market.

By purchasing flooring, you first need to pay attention to its durability and practicality. By far, the most correct option would be buying environmentally friendly natural materials. The most popular natural stone, wood coatings (flooring, board, laminate), as well as granite, which is now used even in the living room. If the choice of the apartment owners will fall on the tree, it must be remembered that this material is subjected to abrasion, and therefore requires special care. If the wood floor reveal the oil (this method allows you to keep environmental parquet), rather than paint, coating should be updated periodically. However, quite often the tenants do not bother aging of soft floor covering, which fits well into the design space.

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